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The Bible Challenge is RETURNING!!!


The set date is November 6th, 2017. Please mark your calender’s. As well, please be on the look out for new content, and new structure overall!

We will continue to follow the same schedule, however the dates will be updated soon.

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Bible Challenge Week 11 pt. 2

 Week 11 pt. 2

this weeks pt. 2 includes Overview for Questions for Exodus chapters 27 – 36

Bible Challenge Week 11 pt.1

Bible Challenge Schedule (Feb – April) **Updated**

Exodus 27


Calculations for the alter, court, and lamp


Exodus 28


Aaron and sons are selected to be pried, and the requirements and instructions given.


  1. Who id God make priests and name each of them?
  2. They shall make holy garments for ____________ and ____________.
  3. Define consecrate:
  4. Describe the garment.
  5. Define mitre:
  6. Where are the two stones placed?
  7. Define ouches:
  8. In your own words describe the breastplate of Judgment.
  9. Define Urim and Thummin:
  10. What color is the Robe of Ephod?
  11. What was on the hem of the robe? What was it’s purpose?
  12. What words were put on the Mitre?
  13. What is the significance?
  14. What were the garments of Aaron’s sons?
  15. Define bonnet:
  16. What was the requirement of them?
  17. Define anoint:
  18. Define sanctify:
  19. What would happen if they bore any iniquity?
  20. What does this tell us about the value and importance of their role as priests?

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Bible Challenge Week 11 pt.1

Week 11: Pt. 1

This weeks part 1 includes: Psalm 9 and Galatians 2

Bible Challenge Schedule (Feb – April) **Updated**

Bible Challenge Week #9 pt. 2

Bible Challenge Week #9 pt.1


Psalm 9

** Favorite Verses**



I will praise thee, O Lord, with my whole heart; I will shew forth all thy marvellous works.


 But the Lord shall endure for ever: he hath prepared his throne for judgment. And he shall judge the world in righteousness, he shall minister judgment to the people in uprightness.


And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, Lord, hast not forsaken them that seek thee.


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Bible Challenge Week #9 pt. 2

 Week 9 pt.2

Part 2 includes Overview and Questions for Mark 8-9 and Psalms 8

Bible Challenge Week #9 pt.1

Mark 8


Jesus feeds the multitude. Jesus refuses to do a miracle. Jesus questions his disciples and tells them what’s to come.


  1. How many days had the multitude been with Jesus?
  2. What problem arose?
  3. How many loaves of bread did they have?
  4. What did Jesus do?
  5. How many fish did they have? What did Jesus do with the fish?
  6. How many people were fed?
  7. Who came after to Jesus? What were they requesting?
  8. Define tempting:
  9. What was Jesus’ response? Why did he refuse to do a miracle?
  10. Define leaven:
  11. Was Jesus referring to food when he warned the disciple of the Pharisees leaven? What was he referring to?
  12. Where did they come to now?
  13. How did Jesus heal the blind man?
  14. What did Jesus tell him NOT to do?
  15. What question did Jesus ask the disciples?
  16. What was their response?
  17. Do we still see this view point today?
  18. What then did Jesus say?
  19. Who responded? What did he say?
  20. Define Christ:
  21. How did Jesus respond to his answer?
  22. Why do you suppose Jesus told them not to tell anyone?
  23. What next did Jesus begin to teach them?
  24. What did Peter do? Why?
  25. How did Jesus Respond to Peter? Was Jesus calling Peter Satan?
  26. Look at verses 34-38 carefully. What does it mean to deny one’s self? Take up his cross?
  27. What will happen if we are ashamed of Christ?

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Bible Challenge Week #9 pt.1

Week 9 pt. 1

Part 1 includes Overview and Questions for Exodus chapters 17-26

Bible Challenge Schedule (Feb – April) **Updated**

Bible Challenge Week 8 pt.2

Bible Challenge Week #8 pt.1

Exodus 17


The murmurings of Israel continue. The Lord provides water. The children of Israel battle.


  1. What did the children of Israel complain about?
  2. What did they say to Moses?
  3. What did God tell Moses to do?
  4. Define Chiding:
  5. What was the name of the place called?
  6. Who went to the top of the hill with Moses?
  7. What happened when Moses held up his hand? When he let down his hand?
  8. What analogy do you see from this incident?
  9. Define discomfit:
  10. What did Aaron and Hur do when Moses hands were tired?
  11. Define Jehovahnissi:
  12. What does Jehovahnissi mean to you?

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Bible Challenge Schedule (Feb – April) **Updated**

Sorry for the delay!

Here is the reading schedule for the Bible  Challenge from February 26 – April 1st.

Click here for Week 1-8 Schedule


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Week 9: February 26 – March 4 (2017)

  • Exodus Chapters 17-26
  • Psalms Chapter 8
  • Ephesians Chapter 1
  • Mark Chapters 8-9

***Week 10: Rest Week/ Catch Up Week***

  • You may use this week to catch up on any Chapters or Questions you may have missed.
  • Or you may continue and read a head.

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