Bible Challenge Week 13 pt. 1

Bible Challenge: Week 13 Part 1

  • Mark Chapters 12-16

  • Hebrews Chapters 1 – 3
  • Psalms 11
  • Proverbs 18
  • Leviticus 1-3

A Bit of Information on the Book of Hebrews

Hebrews: Words of Exhortation (Encouragement) and Warnings.

Author: Unknown, writer does not identify himself.

Date: Before the destruction of Jerusalem and temple. Somewhere between 68-69 A.D

Audience: Jewish Christians and possibly Gentile Christians

OK…….Let’s Dive In

Hebrews 1






  1. What does the writer say about God’s son?
  2. Who made the world?
  3. How does Verse 3 explain who Jesus is?



  • Jesus was made so much better than the angels
  • More Excellent name than they (angels)
  • All the angels of God are to worship him


Hebrews Chapter 2







  1. How should we heed the word of God?
  2. Why is it important to heed the word of God according to verse 1?
  3. What did God put under subjection to Jesus Christ?
  4. What happened through the death of Jesus Christ? (Verse 14)
  5. Why was it necessary for God to be made like us?



  • What was first spoken by God was then confirmed by them that heard him. Through witnesses who were with Him, and by signs and wonders, and miracles and gifts of the Holy Ghost. (verse 3-4)
  • Verse 8 Is amazing in that, we know that all things are under the dominion or rule of Jesus Christ, yet we still don’t know everything that is under the subjection of Jesus Christ.
  • Because God became like us in every aspect except sin, he is able to be the need to us when we call.


Hebrews Chapter 3


  1. Err:
  2. Provocation:


  1. Who is the Apostle and High Priest of our profession?
  2. Who was counted worthy of more glory than Moses?
  3. Who is the house of Christ?
  4. Why weren’t some of the people unable to enter into the promise land? (verse 19: unbelief)


It’s amazing to know that we are the house of Christ. He created us, but as much as we want to take credit and glorify ourselves – scriptures shows us that there’s more honor in the house maker than the house itself!

I am also amazed and in a state of humility – I think about the children of Israel and all that they witnessed. All that they have gone through with Moses – miracles after miracles and they STILL had unbelief in their hearts. This unbelief withheld them from receiving the promise!


Psalm 11


Foundation: the load bearing part of a building; an underlying basis or principle for something

  • One part of this scripture that spoke/stuck out to me was verse 3 that reads: ““If the foundations are destroyed,What can the righteous do?”

When I read this scripture the word foundation stuck out to me. I found this quote on the internet which states

A properly-built foundation increases the amount of abuse a house structure can take and remain safe for the people inside it.

If it is not anchored to a foundation it can be broken apart or washed away completely by natural forces like earthquakes, wind or tornado, frost-heave, floods or tsunamis. Since a foundation is by definition built into the ground it is much less likely to be swept away. Because foundations are built out of solid dense materials like concrete or stone they resist shaking better than a house superstructure.


When I read these two quotes I was blown away (most of the time I am a visual learner) so to be able to see the word ‘foundation’ and then to read this article on the importance of a foundation as it pertains to construction. I immediately correlated that to Jesus Christ – we know that Jesus Christ is our foundation! Straightway I begin to really and truly get how important a foundation is! Our foundation MUST be in Christ –  otherwise we will be EASILY shaken, broken, and washed away by ‘natural forces’.


I pray that this blessed you as much as it blessed me!!!!


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