Challenge Accepted

I decided to push myself!

I am not going to wait until the New Year to start a new thing…

I decided to start now.

Even though I’m always reading the word of God, but I find myself reading scriptures that are more familiar with me. Since I haven’t read the entire bible, I am pushing myself to read it in it’s entirety. This plan is not “JUST” to say that I have read the whole bible, however to learn, grow and to study to show myself approved unto God.

I know that there is so much of God’s word that I do not know, and even though I am lead by awesome leadership at my Church, it’s still our responsibility to study for ourselves.

So if anyone is interested in starting this reading plan with me, fill free to join me. I am starting from Genesis and working my way through. I will also throw psalms and proverbs in the midst as well.

I’ll keep you posted with the dates and plans..

Please Click here to get Schedule

Please comment and let me know if you will be joining me! I would love to have an accountability partner!


12 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted

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