Proverbs a Day….. p(1)

Wisdom for Everyday Living

Here I would like to focus on particular verses from Proverbs and *APPLY* them to our lives.  God gave Solomon wisdom, let us USE the wisdom given to live lives pleasing and acceptable to God.

Three different translations of the same scripture

Conclusion: It would be wise to listen to God. For the security in listening to God is SECURITY, and PEACE without fear of the wiles of the enemy or fear of what the enemy tries to do you.

When I think about security in God. I think about:

  • Financial Security: I will Always have what I need.
  • Spiritual Security: The Lord is my protection from any attacks spiritually. I don’t have to worry about my soul being condemned.
  • Mental Security: My mind is protected from confusion, double-mindedness, illness. But I have a sound mind.
  • Home Security: Knowing that my home is covered in the blood of Jesus. I am in peace.
  • Job Security: Same as above, I will always have what  I need. The Lord provides.
  • Marriage Security: I don’t have to worry about the marriage being torn apart, because Christ is the center, and what God has put together let no man put asunder.
  • Identity Security: Knowing who I am in Christ, not allowing what is on TV, magazines, or social media to define who I am as a woman.

When I think about Peace in God, I think about:

  • Peace in the midst of the storm: Being in the midst of circumstances that are not always  likeable, admirable, but  hard, and severe and having the peace of God to withstand and come out of the storm untouched, un-bothered, no bones broken (spiritually). Glorifying Christ Jesus from beginning to end.


The application of this scripture comes in knowing that if I listen to the Lord I can look forward to receiving all the things listed above. Don’t you?

Your Turn:

How does this scripture apply to your life?

When you see Peace in God or Security in God what do you think about?