Bible Challenge Week #8 pt.1



I am so proud of you for completing Week 8!

By completing this week you have also completed the Book of Galatians!!

Part 1 includes the Overview and Questions for:

Exodus 10-16

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Exodus 10

Moses continues to pour out of the Plague from the Lord.


  1. Pharaoh allows Moses to go into the wilderness, but who does he say can go with him?
  2. What Plague does the Lord send now? V.13-15
  3. Did the Lord stop this plague? Why?
  4. Because Pharaoh’s heart was still hardened what was the next plague?
  5. What type of plague was this? V.21-22
  6. Who was not affected?
  7. What was Pharaohs response?


Exodus 11

The final plague. The Lord says that after he releases the final plague, Pharaoh will thrust him out of Egypt.



  1. What did the Lord tell the people to borrow?
  2. How did Pharaohs servants “see” Moses?
  3. What was the final plague?
  4. What would there be throughout all the land of Egypt?
  5. Explain verse 7.
  6. Who’s 1st born shall not be touched? Why?


Exodus 12

Passover is established by God.


  1. What did the Lord say regarding months/year?
  2. Explain the food requirements.
  3. What was the Lord about to do? V12-13
  4. What’s the significance?
  5. What is an “Holy Convocation”?
  6. Explain verse 16.
  7. How long was the feast? What day of the month did it start and finish?
  8. How long does the Lord say that one must keep this tradition?
  9. What is the meaning of the Passover? V.27
  10. At what time did the Lord say that he would smite the first born?
  11. The children of Israel journeyed from where to where?
  12. How many excluding children?
  13. How many years where the children of Israel dwelling in Egypt?
  14. What day did the Lord bring the children of Israel out of Egypt?


Exodus 13

Remembering the Passover.


  1. What month were they brought out of Egypt?
  2. How many days shall they eat unleavened bread?
  3. Define Matrix. (According to scripture)
  4. What land did the Lord give to the Israelites as he promised to their ancestors?
  5. What were the Israelites to give to God? Why?
  6. When Pharaoh finally let the people go, what way did God NOT lead them? Why?
  7. What way did the Lord lead them?
  8. Where did they encamp?
  9. How did God lead them?


Exodus 14

Pharaoh and Egyptians pursue the Children of Israel. Moses splits the red sea. The Egyptians are destroyed.


  1. Where did the Lord tell the children of Israel to encamp? Why?
  2. What question did Pharaoh ask?
  3. How many people did the Pharaoh take with him?
  4. Where did the Egyptians meet the children of Israel?
  5. What did the Israelites do? What did they say to Moses?
  6. What does this say about the mindset of the children of Israel.
  7. Define salvation.
  8. What was Moses’ response?
  9. What did God tell Moses to do?
  10. Where did the pillar of cloud go that was once before them?
  11. What did the cloud do?
  12. What happened when Moses stretched out his hand?
  13. What happened to the wheels of the Egyptian Chariots?
  14. What happened to the Egyptians? Israelites?
  15. Did the Israelites believe in the Lord?


 Exodus 15

God defeats the Egyptians. Moses and the children of Israel sing praises unto God. They sing and dance. They don’t find any water. The Lord provides.


  1. What did Moses and the children of Israel do after God defeated the Egyptians?
  2. Who is Miriam?
  3. What did she do?
  4. Define Timbrel.
  5. What was the name of the Wildnerness they were in?
  6. How many days did they search for water?
  7. What Land did they go to in which they could not drink the water? Why not?
  8. What did the Lord do to provide them with water?
  9. What did God say to them?
  10. Who does God say that He is ?
  11. Define Threescore.
  12. How many palm trees were there?
  13. What was the name of Place with the wells of water?


Exodus 16

The children of Israel murmur. God provides food.  Instructions regarding the Sabbath day.


  1. What was the name of the wilderness they came to after Elim?
  2. Where is it located?
  3. What day did they get there?
  4. Why did the congregation of Israel murmur to Moses and Aaron? What did they say?
  5. What was the Lords response?
  6. Even though the children of Israel murmured against Moses and Aaron, Moses said that they murmured against God. What message does this speak concerning you?
  7. What did God give them to eat at night and at day?
  8. Where did the Glory of the Lord appear?
  9. What is manna?
  10. What was the flesh that they ate?
  11. Define mete.
  12. Define Omer.
  13. What happened to the food of the ones who left out before morning?
  14. Define Sabbath.
  15. Describe manna. What did it taste like?
  16. How long did the children of Israel eat manna?
  17. How much is an Omer?

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