Catch Up: Use this…


Hey everyone!

Please forgive me………….

When making up the schedule for the Bible Challenge, I definitely didn’t take into account this up coming holiday. Please, use this time to either catch up, continue with the Bible Challenge, or just spend time with your family.

Don’t Study!?

-Of course I’m not telling you to NOT study the word of God, because we should be doing that daily however, I don’t want you to be burdened by completing the weekly study.

We are currently finishing up Week 13. If you would like to continue on to the next week please do, however I will not be posting Week 14 until the following week (the week of the 26th)

Any questions?


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Congratulations: You Did it!

You have successfully finished reading Exodus and Ephesians. Upon completing this weeks reading you will have finished reading the Book of Mark as well. We know that this reading challenge is not just to say that we finished completing something for the sake of bragging rights. However, our intentions is to study the word of God. Nevertheless it’s great to see progression, this is the reason why I make congratulation posts – to encourage us on our journey. Continue reading