My First YouTube Video……

I’m so excited to have FINALLY gone through with one of my many goals; making a YouTube channel.

In this video I touch on sitting on gifts due to feeling insecure or inadequate. I also touch on being interrupted by my own standards – sometimes they are just way to high. Hence, shutting down the very thing that I was trying to accomplish. Continue reading


Playlist Week 2.


  1.  Arena – Dre Murray & Christian Grey
  2. Christ Representers -Jonathan McReynolds
  3. I Smile – Kirk Franklin
  4. Come to the Alter – Elevation Worship
  5. Give me You – Shana Wilsom
  6. Champion – Tye Tribbet
  7. He Wants It All – Forever Jones
  8. Motivation – Canon, Social Club Misfits
  9. My Heart is Yours – Passion ft. Kristian Stanfill
  10. House of Prayer – Eddie James
  11. I Surrender – Hillsong
  12. Good Good Father – Housefires

So Gone Challenge

I don’t know if any one is privy to the Challenge that’s going around right now.. however, there’s a challenge to rap/sing to an instrumental that was made popular in the year 2003. A lot of people are rapping about secular topics. But my husband (KingdomRadical) wanted to go against the grain and rap about what isn’t always popular...JESUS CHRIST!

KingdomRadical IS a Christian Rapper. I know a lot of people may have different viewpoints and feelings about Christian Rap as a whole, and that’s fine. However, I know that he has a gift and a calling to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to people in a different way.

I pray that it blesses someone.