Get To Know ME




I am grateful, honored, and ecstatic that you’ve stopped by to even take a peekbiblestudy let alone, follow, like or comment. I am grateful for your presence!

So I guess here is where I tell you a little be about me…..

Well, I enjoy Writing, Praise dancing, I ABSOLUTELY ADORE Praise and Worship, Spoken Word Poetry, Studying the Word of God, Cooking, Couponing, Makeup, and all things relating to Hair.


I have a loving husband and two BEAUTIFUL children. I enjoy being a wife and a mother. I enjoy family. I enjoy learning how to love.

I love giving gifts and making people smile. I love being creative and making and recreating things.

I consider myself funny  (even if I’m the only one laughing) and I enjoy being around people who love to smile and laugh as well.


God has given me a gift with words (spoken word) and I have decided to no longer use that gift to bring anything glory besides Christ. I am on a tunnel vision mission to give God glory in all aspects of my life and I am honored that you are interested in riding along on my journey.

Your Turn:


As you read, feel free to join in. Please feel at liberty to follow, like, comment, contact me via email, sign up to receive updates or just watch silently. All are welcome.

I pray that in someway you are encouraged!

***Please note that all content is original (unless otherwise stated). Everything posted is written by myself (unless otherwise stated).