Why Can’t I see God? [Q.1]

As I reflect on personal experience and scripture in attempts to answer this question.. I have no clue where to begin….

For me, the very existence of God has always been evident. I’ve always been conscious of God, so I believe it’s necessary to address this question from the perspective of someone who has not – been always conscious.

Since there’s so many different avenues and ways that I could begin to address this question, let’s begin here….

1. God is a spirit.

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Bible Challenge Week 11 pt. 2

 Week 11 pt. 2

this weeks pt. 2 includes Overview for Questions for Exodus chapters 27 – 36

Bible Challenge Week 11 pt.1

Bible Challenge Schedule (Feb – April) **Updated**

Exodus 27


Calculations for the alter, court, and lamp


Exodus 28


Aaron and sons are selected to be pried, and the requirements and instructions given.


  1. Who id God make priests and name each of them?
  2. They shall make holy garments for ____________ and ____________.
  3. Define consecrate:
  4. Describe the garment.
  5. Define mitre:
  6. Where are the two stones placed?
  7. Define ouches:
  8. In your own words describe the breastplate of Judgment.
  9. Define Urim and Thummin:
  10. What color is the Robe of Ephod?
  11. What was on the hem of the robe? What was it’s purpose?
  12. What words were put on the Mitre?
  13. What is the significance?
  14. What were the garments of Aaron’s sons?
  15. Define bonnet:
  16. What was the requirement of them?
  17. Define anoint:
  18. Define sanctify:
  19. What would happen if they bore any iniquity?
  20. What does this tell us about the value and importance of their role as priests?

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Bible Challenge Week #9 pt.1

Week 9 pt. 1

Part 1 includes Overview and Questions for Exodus chapters 17-26

Bible Challenge Schedule (Feb – April) **Updated**

Bible Challenge Week 8 pt.2

Bible Challenge Week #8 pt.1

Exodus 17


The murmurings of Israel continue. The Lord provides water. The children of Israel battle.


  1. What did the children of Israel complain about?
  2. What did they say to Moses?
  3. What did God tell Moses to do?
  4. Define Chiding:
  5. What was the name of the place called?
  6. Who went to the top of the hill with Moses?
  7. What happened when Moses held up his hand? When he let down his hand?
  8. What analogy do you see from this incident?
  9. Define discomfit:
  10. What did Aaron and Hur do when Moses hands were tired?
  11. Define Jehovahnissi:
  12. What does Jehovahnissi mean to you?

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Bible Challenge: Week 5 pt. 1

Happy Monday!

I have included the summaries and questions for Genesis 40-45.

Soon I will be uploading more Summaries and Questions


Genesis 40

The butler and the baker offended the king in Egypt which resulted in them being placed in the same prison Joseph was. They had dreams and Joseph interpreted them.


  1. For what reason were the men sad?
  2. What was Josephs response regarding dreams?
  3. What was Josephs interpretation of the Butlers dream?
  4. What did Joseph request of the butler?
  5. What was his interpretation of the Baker’s dream?
  6. Did the Butler remember Joseph?

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We Can do Better/ Open Invitation


Do we believe that we are doing enough for God as Christians? Is that a impractical question?

Have we given our all?

Are we continuing on with our life and squeezing God in where WE see fit?

Is he TOP priority?

Are we comfortable JUST going to church? Or JUST believing only?

Do we suppose going beyond BELIEVING is doing too much?

Are Sunday mornings plenty?

Would an outsider know that we are followers of Jesus Christ by reading our Facebook, Instagram posts? Tweets? Snapchat videos? Or should we have a small disclaimer to advise or warn viewers of our content, and that it is not directly consistent or congruent with Christ – but since we are all sinners saved by grace- it’s permissible?

When will stop giving Satan all the credit for our mess up’s; downfalls; mistakes – and acknowledge our part? Repent. Allow the will power that the Lord has given us – and the Power of the Holy Ghost to help guide us, keep us, and make right decisions.

No man is perfect –yes. But the Holy Ghost (The spirit of God) which Jesus said would be sent in his name would comfort us – fill us, lead us – IS. That’s why it’s important to walk in the spirit and NOT in the flesh…why? So we do NOT FULFILL THE LUST OF THE FLESH!

Why aren’t WE screaming in the wilderness to prepare the way of the Lord? Or was that just John the Baptists assignment?

Why is baptism in the name of Jesus grievous?

How has the promise of being filled with the gift of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking tongues as the SPIRIT OF GOD gives utterance – become old-fashion and obsolete?

Who are those who shall do greater works than these (according to John 14:12)?

Is it not the followers of Christ? Those who believe and have received his gospel, been baptized and filled with His Spirit? Those who are keeping his commandments and living by his word? Or is it only reserved for the pastors, and evangelist, deacons, ministers, prophets and apostles?

Who is qualified to tell someone about the goodness, the unfailing love of Christ that moved him so, that He manifested himself in the flesh. Subjected Himself to His creation – to restore them back to Himself!

You don’t have all the answers?

When will your testimony of what God has done for you be enough? Do you remember when he healed you? Remember when he kept your mind when you were 2 seconds from going insane – COMPLETELY NUTS? Or what about when He RESTORED YOUR MIND!? When He called your name right before you were about to overdose? Remember when you miraculously overcame that sickness and no one understood how or why? Remember when you were left for dead, but that scar is a testament of his unmerited favor and grace!

What about the inexplainable comfort you felt in your time of mourning or pain? And you just knew it was the arms of God?

I could go on and on – but those or the testimonies that someone needs to hear FROM YOU!  Someone is waiting to overcome from the words of YOUR testimony. You don’t have to be a bible scholar tell someone about Christ.

It’s Ok to direct someone to a church home – or a pastor – in regards to a question or situation that you are unsure about.  However, the whole point is the invitation. Was there an open invitation to Jesus Christ – the Savior, Healer, Deliverer, Forgiver, Comforter, Peace Maker, Bread of Life….?

Saints, let us not become complacent and/or comfortable in where we are or where we are not in Christ. If you are comfortable – change your position. Get uncomfortable. Ask God for direction, for an assignment. Inquire about what you should be doing in THIS season!

Pray more.

Study more.


What could we be doing for the widows, and the fatherless – the homeless? Ourselves?

We can do more/better brethren! God can do more IN us and THROUGH us! Are we willing vessels!?


Comment or email us @justafollowerjf@gmail.com if:

  • You want prayer (a particular reason/topic or in general)
  • Looking for a church home near you
  • Wish to be Baptized
  • Want to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost
  • Want to know more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Have questions about salvation
  • Have questions in general


Week 3 Summary and Q’s Part.2



If you have completed this weeks bible challenge:

  • Genesis: 16-27
  • Proverbs: 10-12
  • Psalms 2
  • Mark 2-3

then here are your statistics:

***You are***

  • 54% complete with Genesis
  • 1% complete with Psalms
  • 38% complete with Proverbs
  • and 18% with Mark

I look forward to seeing these numbers grow as we move further along in the word of God! 🙂

If you are looking for Pt. 1 Summaries and Questions CLICK HERE.

Or HERE for Proverbs.

Now without further ado, here is the Pt. 2- summaries and questions for Genesis 20-27!

Genesis 20

  • Abraham sojourns to Gerar. There he tells King Abimelech that Sarah is his sister. So the King takes her, but God spoke to him and told him that he would die for taking a man’s wife. Abimelech said that he had not touched her nor did he do anything wrong for they both (Abraham and Sarah) said that she was his sister. Abimelech pleading innocence. The Lord responding that he knows that he had good intentions and that he must return her for Abraham is a prophet and he will pray for him – you’ll live. However, if you do not return Sarah back to Abraham you will die as well as everything that is yours.
  • Abimelech approaches Abraham asking why he lied. Abraham responded that he didn’t that the King and his people feared the Lord and thought that they would kill him so they said she was his sister. Nevertheless, it wasn’t a lie. For Sarah was the daughter of Abrahams father but not the daughter of his mother. Hence, they both agreed that wherever they went they would say, “She is my sister” and “He is my brother”.
  • Abimelech then gave him sheep; oxen; man servants; woman servants; and Sarah. AND ONTOP OF THAT told him to dwell where he pleased! Look at the FAVOR OF GOD!!!
  • Sarah gives them a thousand pieces of silver. Abraham then prays to God and the Lord opens up all the wombs and they bare children.


  1. Why did Abraham lie about Sarah being is wife?
  2. How did he justify that story?
  3. What sin would the King have committed if he would have taken Sarah as his own?



Genesis 21


  • Sarah conceives and Isaac is born. Isaac is circumcised at 8 days old. The same time that Isaac was weened he is thrown a great feast. During the feast Ishmael is mocking, and Sarah sees. Sarah then wants Abraham to kick out Hagar and Ishmael. Abraham consults the Lord, and does so after God tells him it’s ok. Ishmael and Hagar are given bread and drink and go out to the desert. However, water runs dry in the desert and Hagar cries out to the Lord. God hears the cry and provides a well for them.
  • Ishmael grows and becomes a archer.
  • Abraham makes covenant with Abimelech at Beersheba.

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Bible Challenge Week#3 Pt. 1

Bible Challenge Week #3

Part 1: Genesis 16-19

~Overview and Questions ~

Genesis 16 Overview

Sarai is still discouraged that she hasn’t given Abram any children. So she tells him to go have a child with Hagar, an Egyptian maidservant. Hagar conceives. She will name him Ishmael. She then begins to despise Sarai.. Hagar flees to wilderness after treated


Credit: Google Images

“harshly” from Sarai, then is instructed by an angel of the Lord to return. Ishmael is the name of the son born to Hagar and Abram – he will be a wild man, with every man’s hand against him, but the Lord will multiply thy seed greatly.


The well where Hagar is told this is called Beer Lahai Roi (you are the God who sees).



  1. How does Sarai try to solve the problem of not baring a child to Abram?

  2. How can we compare this situation to our lives? How do we try to help God when it comes to his plans an promises for our life?

  3. What was the problem with Sarai’s decision?

  4. What name was given to the place where the promise of Hagar’s son and what does it mean?


Genesis 17 Overview


Photo Credit: Google Images

Again the Lord speaks to Abram regarding the covenant he made with him. In Verse 3 we see Abraham fall on his face “and God talked with him.” Prostrate – A prayer position.


He tells him again that you shall be a father of many nations. It is here that the Lord changes his name from Abram to Abraham. Circumcision is now introduced as the token of the covenant. Every man, and child that is 8 days old shall be circumcised. So Abraham had every male circumcised including himself (He was 99 years old)!!

God also changes Sarai’s name to Sarah – she will be a mother of many nations. The Lord says again that Sarah will bear a son. Abraham laughs because Sarah is nearly 100 years old. Isaac shall be his sons name and God will establish a Covenant with him and with his seed after him.

God will also bless Ishmael and will multiply him exceedingly. 12 princes shall be begat and God will make him a great nation.



  1. In Verse 1 what is the name that God calls himself? Why do you think he tells Abraham this?

  2. Why do you think God changed Abrams name?

  3. How did Abraham respond to God’s promise regarding Sarah?

  4. How does Abraham show obedience to God?

  5. What was the covenant, and what is the TOKEN of the covenant? (Note: Where else do we see a covenant and a token of the covenant?)


***Note that we see God tell Abraham to be perfect.


Genesis 18 Overview

The Lord appears to Abraham in Mamre. Abraham sees three men, he invites them to stay with him, that he will get them water; wash their feet; a place to rest; and he would get them bread and cake. They ask for Sarah and said that she would have a son. Sarah overhears and laughs and when is comforted by God about her laughing she lies and says that she didn’t laugh.82965249

After the Lord was done speaking with Abraham and the three men leave to go to Sodom the Lord says that he is going to destroy Sodom because of their wickedness. Abraham tries to reason with God to not destroy the righteous with the wicked. He starts at 50 and ends at 10.



  1. Who were the three men who visited Abraham and Sarah? Were they really men?

  2. We see how courteous Abraham was to his visitors, what can we learn from that type of hospitality?

  3. Why do you think Sarah lied about laughing?



Genesis 19 Overview

Two angels came to Sodom, and because Lot was sitting at the gate, he offered to keep them and wash their feet. At first they refused, but with Lot insisting, they agreed and they entered into his house. There Lot made them a feast and unleavened bread, and they ate.

Then here comes the men of


Photo Credit: Google Images

Sodom both young and old beating down the door demanding that Lot bring out the men that they seen go into the house that they may HAVE SEX with them!!


Lot refuses and INSTEAD offers his DAUGHTERS who were virgins however, the men of Sodom REFUSED! They continued to get into the house until the angels smote the men with blindness to that they were unable to see the door.

The angels then tell Lot to take his family and go to the mountains for the Lord sent them to destroy the town. Lot scared that he would be killed if he went to the caves, pleaded that he be able to go to near by city of Zoar instead. The angels say yet. Lot flees but in the process his wives looks back and turns into a pillar of salt.

Sodom and Gomorrah are destroyed.

Now Abraham getting up early that morning looks towards Sodom and Gomorrah and see’s the smoke from the town.

Now, Lot and his daughters dwelt in a mountain AFTER they left Zoar because Lot was afraid. His  daughters come up with a plan to lay with their father for they believe that there are not ANY OF MEN ON THE EARTH. They plan on getting their father drunken with wine and when he was drunk they were to lie with him. They both did so, Lot unaware of what had happened. They both conceived. The Oldest bare a son Moab and the youngest bare a son named Benami – father of Ammon til this day.



  1. Do you believe that there is any correlation between the name of the town SODOM and the sodomy? (Here we see the first display of same sex relations and the consequences. We can refer back to Chapter 18 verse 20 to see how it hurt the Lord)

  2. How did the Lord destroy the cities?

  3. What can we learn from the destruction of these two cities?

  4. What happened to Lots wife and why?

  5. What can we learn from Lots wife?

  6. What sin did Lots daughters commit?

  7. What two nations began as a result of their sin?


****Please feel free to answer any of the discussion questions in the comment section below, or head over to our Facebook page:Click Here to go to Facebook Page

I will post Part 2 of Overview and Questions soon!

Stay Tunned!