Why Can’t I see God? [Q.1]

As I reflect on personal experience and scripture in attempts to answer this question.. I have no clue where to begin….

For me, the very existence of God has always been evident. I’ve always been conscious of God, so I believe it’s necessary to address this question from the perspective of someone who has not – been always conscious.

Since there’s so many different avenues and ways that I could begin to address this question, let’s begin here….

1. God is a spirit.

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It’s My Birthday 


A New Day.

A New Year.

A New Opportunity to do SOMETHING NEW!!

I am grateful to have lived another day. However, I am ALWAYS trying to better myself (sometimes I can be too hard on myself)… So the start of my new year will be to stop beating myself up regarding goals not yet accomplished and to begin to acknowledge how far I have come ESPECIALLY in Christ Jesus.

Have you ever thought about how much you try to please God and wonder if it’s good enough?

I know that I try so hard to please God and I know that there is nothing that I can do to repay Him for all that he is done for me. However, I will never stop striving for holiness. I will never stop striving to love Him and keep his commandments. I will never stop striving to fulfill my purpose in Him. I will forever offer up my body as a sacrifice unto God and use it for His glory.


There is so much that I have learned, but still tons of things that I don’t – and still learning. I am excited to grow more, to learn more, and to experience more.

I will learn how to be content in ALL things.

God in still perfecting me. I am grateful for his never failing love and patients towards me.

  I am here. With arms wide open. Yes Lord! 🙂

The greatest gift that I could ever have is to know Jesus.To Baptized in HIS name (Jesus). And to be filled with his Holy Ghost with the evidence of Speaking in tongues.

  He is eternal.

Material things are temporal. I thank Him for the gift that will never die!

So Happy Birthday to ME, and to everyone else who was born on this day! Praise God!