Not Just for You.. but me too…

School started this week for my third grade son. During our car rides to school I always make it priority to pray with him and encourage him before he gets to school.

What I find most interesting, is that as much as I assume that I am edifying and speaking into my son – I am not exempt from the same word – the same prayer – the same correction or instruction. wp-image-1077983861

Just because I am a parent I do not live by the “Do as I say, not as I do” philosophy. Neither, am I too grown to learn from situations or circumstances that presented itself through my child.

I thank the LORD,  that He uses situations in which we believe that we are doing something for someone else and in the process He allows us to be fed as well.

He’s such a great God!


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The Key is…

Prayer is crucial and critical to our growth in the Lord.

  • Have you ever become stagnant, un sure of why you may not be growing.. feeling stuck?
  • If you find yourself having the same issue over and over thinking “I thought that I was over that?”.
  • Or unable to break habits…
  • Are you not feeling happy, joyful etc..
  • Do you have questions…
  • Are there areas where you need help in or guidance?

Then, let me ask you – how is your prayer life?

Are you in conversation with the Lord seeking his face, casting your cares before His feet?

Talk to God – He listens and answers! He can provide anything that you are looking for:

  • Healing
  • Comfort
  • Restoration: Joy, Peace, Right Mind…
  • Deliverance
  • Counsel
  • Forgiveness
  • Protection
  • Love
  • Favor
  • Salvation

But like any relationship, communication is important. Don’t worry about what you sound like or what it looks like. Prayer is intimate, and it’s between you and God.

He’s just waiting for you!

We Can do Better/ Open Invitation


Do we believe that we are doing enough for God as Christians? Is that a impractical question?

Have we given our all?

Are we continuing on with our life and squeezing God in where WE see fit?

Is he TOP priority?

Are we comfortable JUST going to church? Or JUST believing only?

Do we suppose going beyond BELIEVING is doing too much?

Are Sunday mornings plenty?

Would an outsider know that we are followers of Jesus Christ by reading our Facebook, Instagram posts? Tweets? Snapchat videos? Or should we have a small disclaimer to advise or warn viewers of our content, and that it is not directly consistent or congruent with Christ – but since we are all sinners saved by grace- it’s permissible?

When will stop giving Satan all the credit for our mess up’s; downfalls; mistakes – and acknowledge our part? Repent. Allow the will power that the Lord has given us – and the Power of the Holy Ghost to help guide us, keep us, and make right decisions.

No man is perfect –yes. But the Holy Ghost (The spirit of God) which Jesus said would be sent in his name would comfort us – fill us, lead us – IS. That’s why it’s important to walk in the spirit and NOT in the flesh…why? So we do NOT FULFILL THE LUST OF THE FLESH!

Why aren’t WE screaming in the wilderness to prepare the way of the Lord? Or was that just John the Baptists assignment?

Why is baptism in the name of Jesus grievous?

How has the promise of being filled with the gift of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking tongues as the SPIRIT OF GOD gives utterance – become old-fashion and obsolete?

Who are those who shall do greater works than these (according to John 14:12)?

Is it not the followers of Christ? Those who believe and have received his gospel, been baptized and filled with His Spirit? Those who are keeping his commandments and living by his word? Or is it only reserved for the pastors, and evangelist, deacons, ministers, prophets and apostles?

Who is qualified to tell someone about the goodness, the unfailing love of Christ that moved him so, that He manifested himself in the flesh. Subjected Himself to His creation – to restore them back to Himself!

You don’t have all the answers?

When will your testimony of what God has done for you be enough? Do you remember when he healed you? Remember when he kept your mind when you were 2 seconds from going insane – COMPLETELY NUTS? Or what about when He RESTORED YOUR MIND!? When He called your name right before you were about to overdose? Remember when you miraculously overcame that sickness and no one understood how or why? Remember when you were left for dead, but that scar is a testament of his unmerited favor and grace!

What about the inexplainable comfort you felt in your time of mourning or pain? And you just knew it was the arms of God?

I could go on and on – but those or the testimonies that someone needs to hear FROM YOU! Someone is waiting to overcome from the words of YOUR testimony. You don’t have to be a bible scholar tell someone about Christ.

It’s Ok to direct someone to a church home – or a pastor – in regards to a question or situation that you are unsure about. However, the whole point is the invitation. Was there an open invitation to Jesus Christ – the Savior, Healer, Deliverer, Forgiver, Comforter, Peace Maker, Bread of Life….?

Saints, let us not become complacent and/or comfortable in where we are or where we are not in Christ. If you are comfortable – change your position. Get uncomfortable. Ask God for direction, for an assignment. Inquire about what you should be doing in THIS season!

Pray more.

Study more.


What could we be doing for the widows, and the fatherless – the homeless? Ourselves?

We can do more/better brethren! God can do more IN us and THROUGH us! Are we willing vessels!?

Comment or email us if:

  • You want prayer (a particular reason/topic or in general)
  • Looking for a church home near you
  • Wish to be Baptized
  • Want to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost
  • Want to know more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Have questions about salvation
  • Have questions in general

Stay in Position

Constantly place your self in a position of PRAYER!

There is a reason why the scripture tells us to pray without ceasing. (1 Thessalonians 5:17)

Many times we feel overcome with emotion – frustration, irritability, sadness, loss of joy, peace etc. At the same lacking prayer. 

*****Could it be that there’s a correlation between the out of control spiral of emotion and time spent talking with God???


If you believe that you are lacking CONSISTENT  joy; peace; love; patience or that nomatter what’s going on you STILL feel like somethings missing – there is.. 

And that something is the constant supplication with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

He IS Joy, peace, patience, LOVE etc… He is EVERYTHING that you need!  

Being in the position of prayer puts you in position to receive everything that you’re lacking. Puts you in the position to be refueled, refilled,  and reloaded. However, if you never change your posture to one that says I submit myself and my will for yours…

If your posture is always one that says, I GOT THIS… then you’re right… you’ll continue to have everything that you’re tired of having…

*****But may I say that you dont have to keep those things in your possession? You can hand them to the Lord and trade your sorrow for JOY, worrying for PEACE, hatred for LOVE and any and everything else that you are fed up with and has become too heavy to carry  ….

Please dont believe that lie, that says prayer is unnecessary or the Lord wont hear you! He is waiting for you to talk to him and give him everything!!! 

I pray you are blessed! 

In the matchless and wonderful name of Jesus Christ!

Give Up Already

Tired. Frustrated. Anxious. HOT (LITERALLY it’s summer time). Confused. Upset. Helpless. Misunderstood.Broken..

All these words pretty much sum up how I feel at any given moment.

But still I press.

Fighting back tears because life seems so hard however, I know that there’s millions who’s day to day life consists of not knowing where their next meal will come from or not knowing where they will lay their head at night. So my feeble issues of parenting and house keeping seem so microscopic.

So how do I successfully manage emotions that seem to drown me sometimes?  How do I manage feeling crushed under the foot of 100 ton feelings. I don’t want to suppress the, hide them, or pretend they are not there when around others… but totally get rid of them.

Tired of feeling bound by chains of helplessness, inferiority, and disappointment.

The awesome part of my Journey in Christ is that my Journey is not in anything else but CHRIST. Knowing this, I don’t know have to become dependent upon doctors medical prescriptions or diagnosis of some chemical imbalance that they will so gladly suggest to me and push to do so.

But I believe in a God who is Healing, Deliverance, Victory, Confidence, Self Esteem, and Strength.

And as much I say I believe, Faith is not only a word, but it is an ACTION word.

 Faith WITHOUT works is DEAD (James 2:20).

Daily I should be putting my faith to work. Not just depending the fact that I know God. But truly believing that HE IS who HE says He IS

Knowing that God is a healer, and refusing to walk in healing shows the opposite. 

Believing that God is a comforter, and refusing to be comforted shows that I really don’t believe that HE will comfort me. 

I look at scriptures daily, but meditating on them day and night is what’s needed.

Trusting and believing with ALL my heart and NOT leaning to my own explanations and reasons behind whatever circumstance or situation that I face.

Truly leaning and dependence on God is a necessity. A MUST

Staying in constant prayer and supplication with God is priority and cannot be REPLACED with other things like; TV, social media, hobbies etc. If things are becoming harder and harder to fight, and it’s seeming like I’m becoming overwhelmed then a fast is essential to the strengthening and upkeep of my spiritual man. 

While in the midst of dealing with emotions, I found that writing this made me a feel a little better, but I know that time with the Lord is imperitive.

So I encourage anyone who is reading this, that may be going through the same or anything similar to make time for God. Pray without ceasing, sing praises, worship in times of hardship in able to over come them. For I truly believe that every knee (spiritual and natural) must bow at the very name of our Lord God, Jesus Christ.  

If for any reason you are still feeling burdened or heavy, Fast (specifications given by God).

I guarantee that chains will be broken, and you will come out victorious.

In Jesus name BE FREE!