You must….

Lord. Uproot every subconscious root that opposes the Word of God!!!

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Purposely Living: Overcoming Tests

💖Never Give Up💖

Keep pushing. Keep pressing. It may be hard to comprehend the reason, but be encouraged that there’s #PurposeInYourPush!!💪🏽

No Testimony without a test! So, PASS THE TEST – so that once you’re out, you can help pull someone else out of the same situation!!! 🤝🏽

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Daily Nuggets p.8



Today :

  • I will command my day in the name of Jesus Christ
  • I will pray and have faith that the will of God be done
  • I don’t have time to sweat small stuff
  • I will count my blessings instead of my shortcomings
  • I will find reasons to thank God
  • I will push myself outside of my comfort zone(s)
  • is not my past – so I wont hold myself to it
  • I will be productive
  • I will reach out to someone and say “Hi”
  • I will smile
  • I will laugh hard!
  • I will compliment someone
  • I will show the love of God. I will be a light.
  • I will cast down every negative thought


I will be AWESOME – in Jesus Christ!

How will you be “AWESOME” today!?