Definition RUNS deeper

Remembering who you are sometimes takes more than a reflection –

But a deeper examination.

A sifting of ideals and society perceptions.

Opinions don’t make you.

Circumstances don’t define you.

Physical beauty is temporary.

But what does your heart display?


Follow the Heart

We’ve all heard the idiom, “Follow your heart.” When it came to making a decision about a job, a financial decision, hobby, or even when it came to picking a lifetime partner. 

But what if I told you that the the heart may not be the best instrument to use when making decisions? 

To poets the heart is a big pink pretty object that’s shaped like a heart, it’s what’s used to pump  blood and whats also used to make decisions… but to the common man, the “Heart” is your brain.

Above is a screen shot that I borrowed from an online sight regarding the saying. In the definition of it we see that to follow your heart is to act based upon how we feel at that moment,  our own selfish desires, and sometimes the decisions that we make may not always be realistic, discerning, or level-headed.

We know that the way we feel are predicated on our perception of situations or circumstances and not on facts always. 

Thus, following our heart may lead us into situations that are least favorable, in relationships that were totally wrong, depressing and misguided. Finding ourselves in positions that we soon later regret.

Sometimes because of life, things may begin to grow, and we may be harboring unforgiveness (sin), lusts (sin), envying (sin), bitterness (sin), unbelief (sin)….etc. 

I could go on and on about the things that we tend to store in our hearts/minds. We know that what we think soon comes out in our actions thus, following the heart. 

And if we have sin in our heart (without repentance and deliverance) sin soon  becomes an outward action leading us to destruction. 

But thankfully we serve a great and mighty God who forgives, and delivers and renews our heart/minds.we can humbly before his thrown and ask for repentance from the things we’ve thought about, acted upon, and relieve freedom. So that we are not walking in the flesh but in the righteousness of his spirit. 

So let us not follow our heart, but God’s. 

In Jesus Name.