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  1. Hey sis! I’m responding to the post you had regarding abstaining from all things that appear evil..
    So being in the church more, I have found myself more aware of the things that enter my spirit and my sons spirit. If someone is cursing too much, it makes me cringe, i have noticed that I do not want myself or my son participating in certain events such as Halloween parties, and I do not allow him to watch certain shows as they appear to not be of a positive nature. I hope I am not going overboard and I wonder if sometimes I reject the things I feel have an evil appearance on the inside even if they appear innocent on the outside. Do you know how we as Christans would know if we are going overboard in avoiding evil things? Of course I do not want to seem like the stereotypical religious person where I cannot participate in regular everyday activities, but I also want to please God and not have my spirit interrupted with evildoing.


    • Hi Sis. Sara
      It’s amazing what changes in us when we begin to follow Christ! Things that didn’t affect us previously, now begins to. And it just means that we are getting closer to Him. God is holy, and so shall we be. So as you continue your walk with Christ you will see that there are more and more things that you began to turn away from, and that’s totally ok. I don’t believe that there isn’t a such thing as going too far. If something is convicting your spirit, than you abide by what God is telling you. “Trust and Obey”.

      The bible says to Abstain from *all* appearance of evil. (1 Thessalonians 5:22)

      I hope this helps! 😉


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