Daily Nuggets p.7



There’s something so serene and satisfying with being comfortable. It’s convenient, easy, and predictable. It lacks passion, determination, a sense of urgency, and risk. A lot of times to have faith in comfort-ability –  is unneeded.



and transition out of familiar and challenge yourself to sweat a little.

Stop choosing problems that you already and easily know the answer to – pick a critical thinking question – one that deserves a little more time and thought.

Challenge yourself by CHALLENGING YOURSELF!

Rather it’s on a job – a particular position; a fear public speaking; a talent – singing/acting, writing, play writing, Youtube channel, dance, etc. Go beyond what you are use to.

Cast down in the name of Jesus Christ every thought that says;

  • I can’t….
  • I’m unqualified….
  • I don’t have time….
  • I don’t have the money….
  • I’m afraid….
  • What if I look silly….
  • What if I mess up….
  • I tried already ….
  • I’ve never done that before…..
  • That’s not me….
  • Insert whatever excuse is holding you back here:__________________________________________________________…..



It will be uncomfortable, a little challenging, require a little more effort, thought, passion, determination, and FAITH! But like my dance instructor says,

“if it feels like you look crazy, you’re probably doing it right!”

Stop being your worst critic and allow yourself to grow.

Allow God to show you who you are.



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