Bible Challenge Week 7 pt.1

wp-1487169190978.pngWeek 7 pt.1

****(Sorry that the Initial post said week 6! The rest week – as amazing as it was – threw me off. We are NOT on week 6 But week 7 according to our schedule)*****

Exodus 1-9

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What’s this Bible Challenge???

Bible Challenge Reading Schedule (Feb.2017) ***Update***

Exodus 1

Descendants in Egypt. There was a new King in Egypt that knew not Joseph. Children of Israel were enslaved. Pharaoh orders his people.


  1. Name the Children of Israel.
  2. Explain in your own words verse 7.
  3. What did the new King? What did he fear? What did he do? V. 10-11
  4. What happened as a result?
  5. What did the Egyptians make the children of Israel do? V.14
  6. What was the name of the two midwives? Of what descent were they?
  7. What did the King as the midwives to do?
  8. What happened as a result?
  9. What did Pharaoh order?divider

Exodus 2

A man and woman both for the house of Levi conceive and bare a son. The baby is hidden and found and lives in Pharaohs home. The baby is now a man, flees from Pharaoh. Marries and has a child.



  1. How long did the woman hid her son?
  2. What did the woman do when she could no longer hid her son?
  3. Who found the baby? What was she doing when she discovered him?
  4. Who ended up nursing the baby?
  5. What was the baby’s name?
  6. What did he witness as he got older?
  7. How did he respond?
  8. What happened when Pharaoh heard of the incident?
  9. Name the place that Moses fled to?
  10. How many daughters did the Priest have?
  11. What was the name of Moses’ wife and son? What’s the meaning of his sons name?
  12. Explain verses 23-25.


Exodus 3

Moses and the burning Bush. The Lord speaks to Moses concerning the Children of Israel.


  1. What is the name of Moses’ father-in-law?
  2. What did Moses experience in verse 2?
  3. Why did God tell him to take off his shoes?
  4. What did God tell him? V.7-8
  5. What Land did God say he would bring them to?
  6. Who did God say he would send to Pharaoh?
  7. What was Moses’ response?
  8. What is the Name that God gave to Moses regarding himself? V.14
  9. What was the Land they would be brought to? V.17
  10. How many days journey in the wilderness would it be? V.18
  11. Would the children of Israel go empty?
  12. Define spoil.


Exodus 4

The Lord shows Moses signs. Moses feels inadequate. The Lord gets angry with him. Moses returns to Egypt and tells and shows the people signs.


  1. What was Moses response to the Lord?
  2. What did God do as it pertains to Moses Rod?
  3. Why did the Lord do this?
  4. What other signs did the Lord show Moses?
  5. Why did Moses feel as though he was incapable of completing the task? V.10
  6. What did the Lord say?
  7. What can conclude from this verse?
  8. Why was the anger of the Lord kindled?
  9. Who is Aaron?
  10. What happened to the men who previously wanted to kill moses?
  11. Who went with him to Egypt?
  12. Who did God say Israel was to him?
  13. What would God do if Pharaoh refused to let Israel go?
  14. Did the people believe the signs that Moses showed to them?


Exodus 5

Moses comes to Pharaoh requesting to allow the children of Israel to go into the wilderness. Pharaoh increases the burdens of the people


  1. What does Moses tell Pharaoh?
  2. What was his response? Did Pharaoh know the Lord?
  3. Were the people able to fulfill their tasks after Pharaoh refused to give them straw?
  4. What did he do to them as a result of not fulfilling their tasks?
  5. What and why did Moses pray?


Exodus 6

God reassures Moses that Pharaoh will let his people go. The children of Israel refused to listen to Moses. Moses continues to ask God how will Pharaoh listen to him when neither will the children of Israel.


  1. What do you believe the significance of “strong hand” is in verse 1?
  2. What does JEHOVAH mean?
  3. Verse 3 says that, I appeared to Abraham unto Isaac and unto Jacob, by the name of God Almighty, but my name JEHOVAH was not known to them. What do you suppose the Lord is saying here? What is the difference between the two names? What does this suggest about the Character of God?
  4. Why didn’t the Children of Israel listen to Moses? V.9
  5. What consistent behavior do we see from Moses and his conversation with God? What can we learn?


Exodus 7

God instructs Moses and Aaron. Pharaohs heart still hardened


  1. Who were Moses and Aaron to be to Pharaoh? V.1-2
  2. What do you believe the purpose of God hardening Pharaohs heart? V.3-5
  3. Define Fourscore.
  4. How old was Moses and Aaron?
  5. Define Magician.
  6. What happened after Aaron turned the rod into a serpent?
  7. Was Pharaoh’s heart still hardened?
  8. What happened to the water? V.16-19
  9. What does verse 19 say, both in vessels of wood, and in vessels of stone? What does that mean?
  10. Was the Pharaoh’s heart still hardened?
  11. What did the Egyptians do to get drinking water?
  12. How many days did the blood water last?


Exodus 8

The Lord continues to plague the Egyptians due to Pharaohs hardened heart.


  1. What was next plague that God bestow upon Pharaoh? V.3-5
  2. What does Pharaoh ask of Moses?
  3. What was Moses response?
  4. What happened after? V.12-14
  5. Define respite.
  6. What happened after Pharaoh seen that the frogs were gone?
  7. What was the next Plague?
  8. Could the magicians perform the same plague?
  9. What was their response to Pharaoh?
  10. Was his heart still hardened?
  11. What was the next Plague? V.21
  12. What did NOT happened in the Land of Goshen? Who dwelt in that land?
  13. Did Pharaoh allow the children of Israel to leave?


Exodus 9

The Lord continues to plague Pharaoh.


  1. Define murrain.
  2. What was the next plague? 3
  3. Who’s cattle was NOT affected by the plague?
  4. Define blain.
  5. What was the next plague?
  6. Was Pharaohs heart still hardened?
  7. What was the next plague? How bad was it? V.18-19 & 24-25
  8. Who believed the word of the Lord? V.21
  9. Who was not affected by the plague?
  10. What was Pharaoh’s response? Why does it say that he sinned against God?
  11. What did Moses do?
  12. Did Pharaoh harden his heart again?



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