Daily Nugget p.2


Photo Cred: Pinterest

  • Recently stopped smoking?
  • Drank more water today than yesterday?
  • Prayed more today?
  • Studied the word of God and received revelation from God?
  • Told someone about the love of Jesus?
  • Stopped a habit?
  • Started something that you had been promising you would since —?
  • Forgave someone?
  • Said I’m sorry?
  • Initiated a conversation?
  • Did something productive?
  • Gave someone a compliment? Accepted a compliment?

What ever you did today that was progressive, game changing, fruit producing – is a victory!

Give honor to God and CELEBRATE!!!

Stop belittling yourself because you don’t see the obstacle you’ve overcame as big as you see others. After all – who defines which victories or small or not??? What’s a big deal to you may not be a big deal to someone  else…so what!?!



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