Bible Challenge Week 5 pt. 2

Bible Challenge Week 5 pt. 2

I am so excited that we have completed our first book of the Bible – only 65 more to go!!!! Whoo- hooo!

(Yes this week is still a rest week, however I wanted to upload the summary  and questions for week 5)

If you have questions regarding the Reading Schedule ***Click Here***

Galatians 1

Salutation & Perverting not the Gospel


  1. Define Salutation.
  2. Who wrote Galatians?
  3. Who was this letter written to?
  4. Define Pervert, Accursed.
  5. Who does Paul say that he is?
  6. What was the purpose of Christ dying for our sins?
  7. Explain verses 7-6?
  8. How does one pervert the Gospel of Jesus Christ?
  9. What consequence does one receive if they pervert the gospel of Christ?
  10. What are some of the “other” gospels of Jesus Christ that are being preached today?
  11. Why would Paul say angel of Heaven? Who is an angel of heaven that could lie?
  12. Who is unfit to be a servant of God? V.10
  13. Research the Church of Galatia. What galatiamap2are some interesting facts that you find?
  14. What do you know about Paul? His history? (V.13-24)
  15. Being that Paul previously persecute Christians, and is now one – what does that tell us about people, and the power of God? (V. 15-16)
  16. How did the Christians first respond to Paul vs. How they responded after they seen that he Preaches Christ?
  17. Why do you believe that Paul told the church about his past?


Galatians 2

The Uncircumcision


  1. Who went with Jerusalem with Paul? Barnabas and Titus
  2. Who was Titus and where was he from? An apostle and Greek and he wanted to be circumcised
  3. What did Titus desire to do?
  4. Explain why Paul says that Titus believed that this was necessary? V.4
  5. What liberty do we have in Christ Jesus? What was the bondage? V.4
  6. What does it mean, To whom we gave place to subjection, no, not for an hour; that the truth of the gospel might continue with you? V.5
  7. What does this tell us about how we should deal with “false doctrines”?


Genesis 46

God speaks to Jacob and tells him to go to Egypt. The lineage of Jacob described. Joseph reunites with his father.


  1. What did God say to Jacob? V.2-4
  2. What land did Jacob come to? V.1
  3. Who did Joseph send before him?
  4. What did Joseph tell his brothers to say their occupation was? Why? V.32-34


Genesis 47

Joseph comes to Pharaoh stating that his father and brother as well as all their belongings have come from Canaan and are in the land of Goshen. Famine worsens. The famine gets so bad, that people no longer have money or cattle to exchange for food. They now, offer themselves and their land in order to stay alive.


  1. How many people did Joseph present to Pharaoh? V.2
  2. What was pharaoh’s response?v.6
  3. What did Jacob do to Pharaoh? V.7
  4. How old did Jacob say that he is? 9
  5. How does verse 11 correlate to the promise that God gave Jacob before he left?
  6. Was there any bread in the land?
  7. What did people give instead of money in exchange for bread?
  8. How much land did Joseph buy for Pharaoh? V.20
  9. Where did Joseph move the people? V.21
  10. What land did he not buy? V.22
  11. What was established in verse 24 & 26?
  12. How many years did Jacob live in Egypt? What was his whole age?
  13. Where didn’t Jacob want to be buried? Instead, where did he wish to be buried?


Genesis 48

Jacob blesses Joseph’s sons.


  1. What two sons did Joseph take to go see his father?
  2. What did Jacob say?
  3. Who sons did he say shall be his? How does this correspond to the promise God made to Jacob?
  4. What land is the same as Ephrath?
  5. How does verse 4 of Chapter 46 correlate with Verse11 of Chapter 48?
  6. What’s the significance of the order in which Josephs sons are blessed? V14-20
  7. What displeased Joseph?


Genesis 49

Jacob gives prophecy. Jacob gives instructions for burial and dies.


  1. List the prophecy for each son:
    1. Reuben:
    2. Simeon and Levi:
    3. Judah:
    4. Zebulum: .
    5. Issachar:
    6. Dan:
    7. Gad:
    8. Naphtali:
    9. Joseph:
    10. Benjamin:
  2. What Cave did Jacob wish to be buried? V.29-30


Genesis 50

Joseph asks to go bury father.


  1. How did Jacob die?
  2. What did Joseph require of his servants to do with his father after he died?
  3. How many days did this take?
  4. How long did the Egyptians mourn for him?
  5. Define threescore.
  6. Who goes with Joseph to bury his father?
  7. Who was left behind?
  8. What land did Joseph come to where a great lamentation was made? What did they name it and what does it mean?
  9. Define lamentation.
  10. What did Joseph’s brothers think, after their father had passed? V.15
  11. What did they do?v.16-18
  12. What was Joseph’s response? What can we learn?
  13. How old did Joseph live?


What I learned from Psalm 5:


  • In the morning I will pray AND will look up
  • God does not take pleasure in wickedness
  • The foolish will not stand in the sight of God
  • In fear will I worship God
  • God defends those who put trust in Him
  • The Lord will bless the righteous – and his favor will be our shied

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