Bible Challenge: Week 5 pt. 1

Happy Monday!

I have included the summaries and questions for Genesis 40-45.

Soon I will be uploading more Summaries and Questions


Genesis 40

The butler and the baker offended the king in Egypt which resulted in them being placed in the same prison Joseph was. They had dreams and Joseph interpreted them.


  1. For what reason were the men sad?
  2. What was Josephs response regarding dreams?
  3. What was Josephs interpretation of the Butlers dream?
  4. What did Joseph request of the butler?
  5. What was his interpretation of the Baker’s dream?
  6. Did the Butler remember Joseph?


Genesis 41

Pharaoh has a two dreams. He calls upon the magicians and none could interpret his dreams. Pharaoh calls upon Joseph to interpret his dream – he does.


  1. How much time has passed?
  2. Who tells Pharaoh of Joseph and why?
  3. Why do you believe that the magicians could not interpret the dream? (Think about what Joseph said earlier in Gen. 40:8) How do this tie into magicians of today?
  4. How does Joseph prepare to meet with the Pharaoh?
  5. Who does Joseph give credit to in regards to who is actually interpreting the dream? Does he accept praise?
  6. What was the interpretation that Joseph gave Pharaoh?
  7. What did Pharaoh give Joseph?
  8. How old was Joseph when he stood before Pharaoh?
  9. What happened during the 1st seven years? How does this compare to the sluggard and the ant (put link here to Consider the ant)?
  10. What happened to the second 7 years?
  11. What can we observe or take from the order of the plenty and famine?


Genesis 42

Jacob tells his sons to go to Egypt to get some food. Benjamin didn’t go. Joseph recognizes his brothers, however they don’t recognize him. Jacob accuses his brothers and gives them certain conditions in order to be made free. Jacob grieves.


  1. Why didn’t Benjamin go with his brothers?
  2. Why do you believe that Joseph spoke “roughly” to his brothers?
  3. What is the significance of verse 6? Does it have any correlation with the dream Joseph had years prior?
  4. What did Joseph accuse his brothers of?
  5. What did he tell them to do in order to prove themselves true?
  6. Explain verses 25-28?
  7. Why was Jacob saddened/grieved?


Genesis 43

Food runs out again, therefore Jacob tells his sons to go back to Egypt to buy more food. Benjamin is sent to Egypt. Joseph meets Benjamin. A feast is prepared.


  1. Who responded to Jacob’s request? What did he say?
  2. What did Israel tell them to take to Joseph?
  3. Why did Jacob tell them to bring the money back to Joseph?
  4. When Joseph saw Benjamin what did he do?
  5. How did the men respond?
  6. What did they say?
  7. What is the significance of verse 26?
  8. What was an abomination to the Egyptians?
  9. What do verses 33 & 34 mean?


Genesis 44

Joseph’s final test. He has his silver cup placed in a sack of one of his brothers. Joseph accuses them of stealing. Joseph requires the one who’s found with the cup to be his servant. One of his brothers offers to take the others place.


  1. What did Joseph tell one of his stewards to do?
  2. Who’s sack was the cup found in?
  3. In verse 14, the brothers of Joseph fell again – this is the 3rd time they have fallen at his feet. Do you believe there is a significance? If so what?
  4. What was the consequence requested by Joseph?
  5. What was Judah’s response?
  6. Do you believe that there is any correlation with what happened to Joseph by his brothers and what he is doing to his brothers?
  7. What was feared would happen to Jacob if Benjamin didn’t return? V.30-31


Genesis 45

Joseph finally reveals his identity. He request that his family move close to him. They receive a invitation from Pharaoh. He makes provision for their move.


  1. Why did Joseph cry?
  2. Who was around when he revealed himself to his brethren?
  3. What was his brother’s response?
  4. Do you believe that Joseph was angry with them? Why or why not?
  5. What did Joseph require of them regarding their father? V9-13
  6. Explain your feelings regarding verses 14-15?
  7. Where did Joseph tell them to live? What land?
  8. What was Pharaoh’s response? V.17-20
  9. Look at verse 22, Benjamin received more than the others, why?
  10. How do you suppose you would have treated your brethren after all this time? Taking into consideration everything that they have done to you? Would you have blessed them, and taken them all into captivity?
  11. What can we learn about the power of forgiving others?
  12. What did was told to Jacob?
  13. What was his response? V26 &27
  14. What convinced Israel to move?

***Note: Take note and do not be confused with the continual hop back and forth between the name Jacob and Israel. Some believe that this is not an accident but it’s done purposely. However I have not done too much research on the subject matter.  But feel free to investigate if you wish. If so, please comment below. I would love to read what you discover.

I’d thought it be cool to include pictures that correlate with what we’ve been reading!


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