Week 4 pt. 3 Gen. 33-39

Genesis 33-39

Here’s the summary and questions for Chapters 33-39.

(I will add chapter 40 to week 5)


Genesis 33

Esau and Jacob meet. Jacob begs Esau to accept his gifts – he does. Esau offers to go on his journey with him. Jacob offers Esau go first and he will travel behind. Jacob travels with children and flock and come to land that he purchases and builds an altar.


  1. How many men accompanied Esau to meet Jacob?
  2. Verse 4 speaks of how Esau and Jacob meet, what is the significance? How does this differ from the expectation that Jacob had upon meeting his brother?
  3. Why did Jacob try to give so much to his brother?
  4. What was Esaus response?
  5. What was the reason Jacob wanted Esau to continue ahead of him?
  6. Where did he agree to meet him?
  7. What did Esau give to Jacob to help him?
  8. What city did Esau go to?
  9. What city did Jacob travel to? How much money did he buy land for?
  10. What was the name of the alter? What does it mean?

Genesis 34

Dinah is out in the land – this is where she is defiled. Schechem prince of the city wanted to Marry Dinah. In response the sons of Jacob make one request in order for Schechem to take Dinah as his wife. The brothers take it upon themselves to get revenge. Jacob upset


  1. Who is Dinah?
  2. Who is Schechem? What did he do to Dinah (sin)?
  3. What did Shechem want to do with Dinah after?
  4. Do you believe that Hamor knew what had happened to Dinah?
  5. How did the sons of Jacob feel?
  6. What did Hamor propose to Jacob in regards to allowing his son to wife Dinah?
  7. What did Schechem say to Jacob and Dinah’s brothers? V.11 What does this say about him?
  8. What did the sons of Jacob do?
  9. What was Schechem and Hamors response?
  10. On the third day what did Dinah’s brother do?
  11. What did the brothers take from the city?
  12. What was Jacobs response?

Genesis 35

God tells Jacob to go to Bethel and make an altar. Jacob and family leave to Bethel, he builds an altar and God changes his name. God makes a covenant with Jacob. Jacob builds another altar. Rachel bare’s her last son and dies.

This chapter lists Jacobs 12 Sons. Isaac dies.



  1. In response to Jacobs talk with God, what did he tell his family to do?
  2. What did his family do?
  3. Why didn’t the people of the town pursue after Jacob and his family?
  4. What does the name Bethel mean again?
  5. What does the name “El Bethel” mean?
  6. Who dies there?
  7. What did they name that place? It’s meaning?
  8. What did God rename Jacob? It’s meaning?
  9. What did God say to Jacob?
  10. What did he do in response?
  11. Who changed Jacob’s name, and what name was it changed to?
  12. What was the name of Rachel’s last son? What did Jacob name him? What were their meanings
  13. Where did Rachel dies?
  14. What did Jacob do in her remembrance?
  15. Is her tomb and her remains here today?
  16. This chapter list the 12 sons of Jacob? What is the significance of his twelve sons?
  17. List the names of his sons
  18. At what age did Isaac die?

Genesis 36

The generations of Esau. Esau moves away from his brother being that his land could not bear all of their cattle. A continuation of the lineage of Esau

Genesis 37

Joseph (Jacob’s/Israel’s son) was in the field feeding the flock with his brothers. They hated Joseph because they knew he was his father’s favorite. Joseph has a dream wherefore he tells his brothers, which as a result doesn’t help the fact that they hate him. Israel tells his son to go to the field to check on his brothers and the animals. Joseph finds his brothers, and they conspire to harm him.


  1. How old was Joseph?
  2. Why did Israel love Joseph more than the other children?
  3. What did Israel do for his son?
  4. How did the brother’s of Joseph treat him?
  5. Define obeisance.
  6. Describe Joseph’s dream.
  7. What was the brothers response?
  8. Describe Joseph’s second dream.
  9. What was the response of his father?
  10. Where was the field that Israel told Joseph to travel to in order to check on brothers/flock?
  11. Where did he find his brothers?
  12. What did the brothers conspire to do to him?
  13. Who decided not to kill him?
  14. What does this say about his brothers?
  15. What did they end up doing to Joseph?
  16. What happened to Joseph as a result of his brother’s treatment? How much was Joseph sold for?
  17. What did the brothers do to conceal what they had done?
  18. What does rent mean?
  19. What was Jacob’s response? What was the significance of sackcloth? How long did he mourn?
  20. Who was Jacob sold to? In what place?

Genesis 38

Judah leaves his brothers and marries a Canaanite. Judah has several sons. God slews some and Tamar deceives Judah. Tamar conceives.


  1. What was the name of Judah’s wife?
  2. What was the name of their 1st son? 2nd? 3rd? Where was the third child born?
  3. What was the name of the wife Judah picked for his son?
  4. Why did God kill Er?
  5. What did Judah tell Onan to do?
  6. How did Onan disobey his father?
  7. What was Onan’s consequence?
  8. What does Judah end up telling Tamar to do?
  9. What was Tamar’s deception?
  10. Who did Judah think that she was? And what did he do?
  11. How long after Judah went in to the harlot did he find out who she was?
  12. Who was responsible for this situation?
  13. What punishment did Judah make for her?
  14. Did he end up following through with the punishment?
  15. What were the names of Tamar’s sons?

Genesis 39

Joseph in Egypt, at the hands of Potiphar stays with him. Joseph was well favored. Joseph is tempted.


  1. Who was with Joseph?
  2. What was the name of Josephs master?
  3. Why was the Lord with Joseph’s master?
  4. Why was Joseph well favored?
  5. How was Joseph tempted?
  6. What was Joseph’s response?
  7. Why would it have been wrong if he went through with the temptation?
  8. Who would Joseph have sinned against?
  9. How did the women lie, what did she say happened?
  10. What was the response of Potiphar?
  11. How did Joseph have favor with the Lord? Everyone else?

***Note: ***

I became a little confused while reading Genesis this week, therefore I ended up looking up a family tree to help me keep track with who is who.

Click here for family tree

This one really helped me.

Do you have any questions, comments, or concerns? If so please list them below, or feel free to email us @: justafollowerjc@gmail.com


3 thoughts on “Week 4 pt. 3 Gen. 33-39

  1. Gene. 33
    1. There were 400 men who accompanied Esau
    2. Jacob was afraid at first to meet Esau but Esau embraced Jacob with love .
    3. Jacob wanted Esau’s favor
    4. Esau denied the offering from Jacob because he said he had more than enough
    5. Jacob’s children were tired and his flock were nursing and wanted Esau to go ahead so they could take their time to travel.
    6. They agreed to meet in Seir
    7. Esau gave Jacob of his meet to help him
    8. Esau wen to the city of Seir
    9. Jacob traveled to Shechem; and bought it for 100 pieces of money
    10. The name of the alter was El Elohe Israel and it meant the mighty God of Israel.

    Gene. 34
    1. Dinah was Jacob and Leah’s daughter
    2. Shechem was Hamor’s son and he had sex/violated Dinah
    3. Shechem wanted to marry Dinah
    4. I believe Hamor did know what happened to Dinah; that’s why the propose was made to Jacob to think about
    5. Jacobs sons was upset
    6. Hamor wanted to trade each other’s daughters for their sons to have wies
    7. Shechem said he will give whatever to marry his daughter Dinah; vs. 11 shows how desperate he was, maybe because of his guilt for violated Dinah
    8. Jacob’s sons spoke deceitfully to them and said they won’t give up their sister
    9. Shechem and Hamor responded by telling all the mean the deal of the propose of circumcision needed to be done before they marry the daughters and they will be at peace with each other.
    10. On the 3rd day Dinah’s brothers killed all the men
    11. They took the sheep, oxen, donkeys and what was in the city/ field and all wealth.
    12. Jacob was angry and he said his sons troubled him; fearing for his life and family


  2. Gene. 35
    1. God told Jacob to go to Bethel, dwell there and make an altar.
    2. Jacob’s family put away foreign gods, changed and purified themselves and left for Bethel.
    3. The terror of God was upon the cities so the people didnt pursue Jacob’s family
    4. Bethel means a holy place/ house of God
    5. El Bethel means God of Bethel
    6. Rebekah’s nurse Deborah dies
    7. Allon Bachuth meaning Oak of weeping
    8. God renamed Jacob Israel which means may God prevail
    9. God tells Jacob to be fruitful/multiply ; a nation shall proceed from him and kings come for his body; God gives him and descendents after the land which He gave to Abraham and Isaac.
    10. Jacob responded by setting up a pillar where he talked w/ God; and poured a drink offering and ooil on it.
    11. God changed Jacob’s named to Israel
    12. Rachel’s last son’s name was Ben Oni but Jacob changed it to Benjamin (son of my right hand)
    13. Rachel died on their way to bethlehme
    14. Jacob set up a pillar in remembrance
    15. Her tomb still remains there today
    16. the 12 son were born in Padan Aram; and their significance was the blessing God mentioned in Gene. 28.

    Gene. 37
    1. Joseph was 17 years old
    2. Israel loved Joseph more because he had him at an old age
    3. He made Joseph a tunic of many colors
    4. Joseph’s brothers treated him bad/not peaceful
    5. obeisance means deferential respect
    6. Joseph dreamed of them in them in field binding sheaves when his sheaf and his brothers sheaves stood upright and bowed downed to his sheaf.
    7. Joseph’s brothers responded in disbelief and asked him “shall you reign/have dominion over us;
    8. Joseph dreamed the sun, moon and 11 stars bowed down to him
    9. Israel responded by rebuking him and asked, ‘shall your him, his mother and brothers bow down to him?”; he kept the matter in mind
    10. Shechem
    11. Dothan
    12. They conspired to kill him
    13. Reuben decided not to kill Joseph
    14. His brothers were very jealous of him
    15. They ended up stripping him of his tunic; and put him in a empty pit w/ no water or food
    16. They sold Joseph to Ismaelites for 20 shekels of silver
    17. They killed a young goat and ripped the tunic and put the blood of the goat o it to like to their father of joseph’s pretend death.
    19. Jacob response by tearing up clothes and putting on a sackcloth on his waist and he mourned for many days.; the sackcloth is a symbol of repentance/ mourning
    20. Jacob was sold in Egypt to Potiphar a officer/captain of guard to Pharoah

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  3. Gene. 38
    1. Shua
    2. Er, Onan and Shelah (chezib)
    3. Tamar
    4. God killed Er because he was wicked in His sight
    5. Judah told Onan to have sex, marry and raise up his heirs w/ Er’s wife
    6. Onan emitted to the ground
    7. He was killed
    8. Judah told Tamar to stay in her father’s house as a widow until Shelah get’s older
    9. Tamar leaves, puts on veil and goes to Timnah, where Judah was.
    10. Judah thought Tamar was a harlot and he slept with her
    11. 3 months
    12. I believe they both were responsible but it was Tamar’s fault
    13. The original punishment was for her to burned
    14. No; he end up not ‘knowing’ her again
    15. Perez and Zerah were the son’s of Tamar by Judah (twins)

    Gene. 39
    1. The Lord was with Joseph
    2. Potiphar
    3. Because of Joseph
    4. He obeyed the Lord
    5. The master’s wife tempted to sleep w/ her
    6. Joseph denied
    7. adultry
    8. Joseph would of sinned against God
    9. Saying Joseph wanted to lie w/ her and that he mocked them
    10. Potiphar sent him to prison
    11. The Lord knew of his innocence and Joseph prospered in whatever he did.

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