Week 4 Summary & Q’s Pt. 1


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Genesis 28-32


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Overview and Questions

Genesis 28

Isaac tells Jacob that he CANNOT take a wife from the Canaanites. He tells him that he should go to Padanaram and take a wife from the daughters of Laban. If so, the Lord would bless him and make him fruitful and multiply him, thus making him a multitude of people. Esau sees that Isaac is obedient to his father and he goes to Padanaram. He sees as well that it would displease his father if they were to take wife from the Canaanites, so what does he do? He goes to Ishmael and takes two wives!

Meanwhile, Jacob is on his journey and being that the sun has gone down he gets ready to lie down. Upon falling asleep he has a dream of angels ascending and descending from heaven via a ladder. God speaks to Jacob telling him that the land that he stands upon, the Lord will give it to him. In addition to this being his land, the Lord says that his seed will also be as the dust of the earth!

In honor of the Lord Jacob wakes up early in the morning and made a pillar, poured oil upon it and called the place Bethel. He said that this stone, which I have set for a pillar, shall be God’s house, and I will surely give the tenth unto thee.


  1. What do you believe the significance of Jacobs dream was?
  2. What does the name Bethel mean?
  3. Why do you believe that Esau went to Ishmael to get wives?
  4. What vow did Jacob make?
  5. We see here that Jacob gives a tithe to the Lord. How is this significant to today?


Genesis 29

Jacob continues on his journey of finding his wife. He comes to some land where he sees a well where people feed their sheep. He speaks to some folks there and asks about the people there.  He sees Rachel coming with sheep – he removes the rock so that the sheep can get water- kisses her and cries. He tells her that he is from her fathers family – he is Rebekah’s son. She runs home and tells her father. Laban  runs out to meet him and embraces him – kissed him – and welcomes him into his house!

Laban has two daughters, Leah and Rachel (the youngest and beautiful). Jacob loved Rachel and agrees to work for Laban in order to marry Rachel.

Jacob works for Laban and is ready to have his bride. Laban makes a feast, and that night he give Leah to Jacob. In the morning Jacob realizes that the woman he married is NOT Rachel. He confronts Laban asking why he has tricked him when he worked for Rachel as agreed.  Jacob ends up working for Laban another seven years for Rachel.

Jacob has children.


  1. Why do you think Jacob cried when he seen Rachel?
  2. How long did Jacob stay with Laban?
  3. What does the scripture say about Rachel’s looks? V.17
  4. How long did Jacob agree to work for Laban?
  5. After Jacob confronted Laban, what was Labans response?
  6. How many wives does Jacob have now?
  7. Who did Jacob love more?
  8. What can we learn from biblical weddings? How are they different from todays tradition?
  9. Who bares Jacob children first? Why? How many? And what where there names?
  10. Is there anything to be learned regarding Polygamy from this event?


Genesis 30

Rachel still hasn’t had any children by Jacob. Jacob tells Rachel that he isn’t the reason why she hasn’t give birth, but that the Lord has closed her womb. She gives him her handmaid to wife. Leah then gives her handmaid to Jacob to wife, and she has children by Jacob as well. Leah’s son goes out to the field and gets flowers. Rachel trades a night with her husband for Leah’s sons flowers. Leah gets a night with Jacob and conceives AGAIN!

Rachel finally bares a son – Joseph.  Jacob decides that he wants to leave. He makes a deal with Laban – for him to not get anything but to start building his flock. So he takes all of the flock that have spots and speckles. And Jacobs flock grew.


  1. Even though Rachel was Jacobs favorite, why did she envy her sister?
  2. What did Rachel tell Jacob to do? V. 1
  3. Why do you believe that child bearing was important to women at this time?
  4. What was the name of the handmaid that Rachel gave to Jacob?
  5. Why do you think that God allowed Rachel to not bear any children?
  6. Do you believe that Laban was being deceitful with the deal that he made with Jacob involving the cattle?
  7. Why do believe that Jacobs flock flourished?


Genesis 31

Jacob see’s that Laban has started to feel differently about him and overhears Laban’s sons talking about how he had taken all of his fathers belongings. The Lord tells Jacob to return to the land of his fathers – to the land of thy kindred. Jacob talks to Leah and Rachel regarding Laban.

Jacob prepares to leave Laban and go back to the Land of his fathers. He doesn’t tell Laban that he is leaving. Three days later he finds out that Jacob has fled, and pursues after him. Once he finds him he confronts him. Saying that he didn’t have to take his daughters away like slaves. If he would have let him know he would have thrown him a celebration.

Laban searches Jacobs belongings for his images that he says were taken and doesn’t find any. He is now angry at Laban and confronts him about accusing him of stealing from him. They make a covenant – Labans covenant was that Jacob take no other wives beside his daughters and Jacobs covenant was that they not enter into each others territory to harm each other.



  1. How does Jacob describe Laban’s treatment towards him over the years?
  2. What did Jacob say that the Lord did regarding Laban’s flock? v.9-13
  3. What was Rachel and Leah’s response? V.14-16
  4. In preparing to leave Laban what does Rachel do? What sin did she comit?
  5. How long was the journey that Laban took to catch up to Jacob?
  6. What did God say to Laban in a dream? V.24
  7. What was the reason Jacob did not tell Laban that he was leaving? V.31
  8. Where did Rachel place the images? V34
  9. In verse 35 Rachel says that she can not rise up due to the custom of women, what does this mean?
  10. What was Jacobs response to Laban’s accusation (v.36-42) in your own words?


Genesis 32

Angels met Jacob, and Jacob sent the angels to his brother Esau to give him a message. Esau receives the message and mets his brother. However, Jacob is afraid and splits up his people and belongings. He also prepares a present for Esau sent by his servants. He sends his servants days ahead of him, praying that Esau will accept them and him. Jacob has an encounter and his name is changed.


  1. What was the message that Jacob wanted the angels to tell Esau?
  2. Why was Jacob afraid when he heard that his brother was coming? And what did he do?V.6-8,11
  3. What did Jacob give a present to Esau?
  4. What does verse 24-25 mean when it says that he wrestled with a man? Who was the man?
  5. Who changed Jacob’s name, and what name was it changed to?

I will be posting Part 2-3 Summary and Questions for the remainder of Genesis and Mark, so stay tuned!


Challenge Accepted

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One thought on “Week 4 Summary & Q’s Pt. 1

  1. Gene. 28
    1. For God to let him know He is there (I believe I answered this correctly).
    2. Bethel means God’s House
    3. because Jacob was blessed and he probably felt he needed he was left out
    4. Jacob vowed to give God a tenth
    5. The significance in this is the tithing we do today; giving to the Lord our 1st fruits in all we labor and that His promise still stands with us today.

    Gene. 29
    1. Jacob cried because he probably knew she would be his wife and he loved her that much
    2. He stayed in Laban for a month
    3. Rachel had a beautiful form and appearance
    4. Jacob agreed to work for 7 yrs.
    5. Laban wanted his youngest daughter to be married first; due to their custom; and he would will have to work another 7 years to get Rachel for a wife
    6. Jacob had 2 wives
    7. Jacob loved Rachel more
    8. Their weddings were different, they didn’t have a big ol’ reception and they married more than one wife; they had to work to get what they wanted.
    9. Leah gives Jacob children first; Because God saw that she was unloved and He opened her womb to have 4 children; Reuben, Simeon, Judah and Levi.
    10. The polgamy was okay back in the old testament days;

    Gene. 30
    1. Rachel envied her sister Leah because she gave Jacob children
    2. Rachel told Jacob to give him children or she will die
    3. I believe child bearing was important back then to women because it was part of their blessing from God and connection with the husband they were with; inheritance
    4. Bilhah
    5. I think of her attitude, her impatience, the wrong timing.
    6. Yes i believe he was being deceitful
    7. Jacob’s flocks flourished cause God had blessed him.

    Gene. 31
    1. Jacob was treated unfavorable
    2. The Lord told Jacob he would be blessed w/ all his flock
    3. Rachel and Leah’s response was in shock; they asked if there was anything in their father’s house for them
    4. Rachel stole from her father’s house
    5. it took Laban 7 days to reach Jacob
    6. God told Laban to neither speak good or bad to Jacob
    7. Jacob didnt tell laban he was leaving because he was afraid his wives would be taken from him
    8. Rachel hid the images in the camel’s saddle
    10. Jacob responded by reminding him all the hard work he had done for him for over 20 years and he asked what is his trespass and sin that he accused him of.

    Gene. 32
    1. the message was to let Esau that he served Laban until that moment and he had oxen, donkeys, flocks, male and female servants and that he may find favor in his sight.
    2. he was afraid of his response so he divided his belongings into 2 groups.
    3. Jacob gave 200 goats, 20 male goats, 200 ewes, 20 rams, 30 milk camels, 40 cows, 10 bulls, 20 females donkeys and 10 foals
    4. God wrestled with Jacob because Esau was coming with 400 men
    5. God changed Jacob’s name to Israel


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