Week 4 Part. 2 Mark

Week 4 Part 2.

Thank you for your patience. I am late with the summary and questions for Mark 2-5.

But without further ado – here is the summary and discussion questions.



Mark 2


Jesus is in Capernaum and people began to notice where he was. People started to gather together  to the point that there was literally no more room for anyone else. There was a man sick with Palsy – Jesus seeing the faith of the man he heals him. The scribes thought that this was inappropriate.

Jesus also taught more people. He tells Levi to follow him. He then eats at his house and people begin to question why he is eating with such people and why his disciples were not fasting. Jesus address the Sabbath.


  1. What issue did that man at Capernaum have?
  2. Why wasn’t he able to reach Jesus?
  3. Why did Jesus say to the man Son, thy sins be forgiven thee? Why did he say this first?
  4. Why did the people think that this was blasphemous?
  5. Verse 10 tells us that Jesus had the power to forgive sins on earth, if God is the only one who is able to forgive sins – what does this say about the characteristic or the essence of God’s identity?
  6. Why do you believe that the people were upset that he sat & ate with Publicans and sinners?
  7. What was Jesus’ response to communing with them? V.17
  8. Does this give us (followers of Jesus Christ the green light to befriend those who are not Christians?)
  9. What was Jesus’ response to why his disciples were not fasting?
  10. What was the significance of v20-22?
  11. What did Jesus say regarding the Sabbath day?

Mark 3

There is a man with a withered hand, and people were waiting to accuse him of healing, because again it was the Sabbath day. Jesus heals the man – speaks with the people and removes himself to the sea. Jesus goes up to a mountain where he picks 12 Disciples. Jesus speaks about a divided kingdom, the unforgiveable sin, and knowledge regarding family


  1. What does, withered hand mean?
  2. What did Jesus say to the man?
  3. What did Jesus say to the people?
  4. Why was Jesus grieved?
  5. What do Pharisee’s do immediately after Jesus heals the man? Why?
  6. Where did Jesus go and list the places that the people came from to see Jesus?
  7. Why do you believe that Jesus made sure that the disciples had a ship awaiting him?
  8. Why did Jesus charge the unclean spirits not to make known who he was?
  9. List the names of the 12 Disciples that Jesus chose?
  10. What were his intentions for the disciples?
  11. What did the multitude accuse Jesus of?
  12. What was Jesus’ response?
  13. What sin cannot be forgiven?
  14. What does Jesus say about family?

Mark 4

Jesus teaches the multitude from a ship while they sit on the land. He teaches in parables to the people and then explains/expounds on the parables to his disciples.  After wards while on the ship, there was a great storm of wind. Jesus works another miracle and the disciples are amazed!


  1. How does Jesus teach the people?
  2. What is a parable?
  3. Why did Jesus say he taught the people in parables?
  4. What did you get out of the Jesus’ parable regarding the Sower’s seed? Who is the sower? What’s the seed? Who are the fowls of the air? Stony ground/good ground? What is the fruit that sprang up?
  5. Based on the parable – do you see yourself in relation to your reception of the word of God?
  6. 14-20 Explains the parable. Was your interpretation correct?
  7. List the other parables that Jesus speaks of?
  8. Which parable spoke to you?
  9. What can we learn about Jesus’ teaching style?
  10. How does this help us when it comes to evangelism?
  11. What was the storm like? V.36-27
  12. Where was Jesus and what was he doing while the storm was taking place?
  13. What did the disciples say to Jesus?
  14. What was his response?
  15. What was the response of His disciples?

Mark 5


Jesus and the disciples come to land and they get out of the ship. Immediately, they are met by a man with an unclean spirit. Jesus cast the unclean spirits out of the man. The people begged Jesus to leave. Before leaving, Jesus tells the man whom he delivered to go and tell the people what had happened.

Later Jesus is greeted by a man who wishes Jesus to heal his daughter. While on his way to see about the man’s daughter, a woman who had the issue of blood, touches the garment of Jesus. She is healed. Jesus arrives to the house of the man who’s daughter is ill – however she is already dead.


  1. After the Jesus and the disciples got off the ship, what country did they come to?
  2. Who were they met by?
  3. What does scripture say about the man’s condition?
  4. What did the man do when he seen Jesus?
  5. How did the man know who Jesus was already?
  6. Why do you believe that Jesus asked spirit its name? What does it mean?
  7. Where did Jesus cast the devils to? What happened to them?
  8. What happened to the man whom the devils were cast out?
  9. What did Jesus tell the man?
  10. Why do you believe that the people begged Jesus to leave?
  11. What was the name of the ruler of the synagogue that fell at the feet of Jesus?
  12. The woman who touched Jesus’ garment said what? V.28
  13. What is the significance of v.27-28? And in regards to faith?
  14. What happened as a result of her touching his garment?
  15. What does verse 30 mean?
  16. What did Jesus say to the woman?
  17. Why did Jesus say that the girl is not dead but sleep? What’s the difference?
  18. How old was the girl?


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2 thoughts on “Week 4 Part. 2 Mark

  1. Mark 2
    1. He was paralytic
    2. It was too crowded for him to reach Jesus
    3. He saw the faith he had to get to Him for healing
    4. The people thought it was blasphemous because they didn’t believe He was sent from God
    5. God is ALL IN ONE; He was Jesus made flesh
    6. The people didn’t understand why he would eat with the sinners and publicans
    7. Jesus responds by saying He was there to call the sinners to repent
    8. I think it’s okay as long as we are not sinning w/ them; but teaching them about Christ in the midst of their presence.
    9. Jesus said because He was in their presence they didn’t have to fast;
    10. Once Jesus descends into heaven; then the fasting would need to take place for them to receive his spirit
    11. Jesus said the Sabbath day was made for man and not man for the Sabbath; for the son of man is also the Lord of the Sabbath

    Mark 3
    1. withered hand” was probably our modern “infantile paralysis,” which may leave one or more limbs shrunken and powerless without detriment to the general health (googled this meaning)
    2. Jesus told the man to STEP FORWARD
    3. Jesus said ‘is it lawful on the Sabbath to do good or evil, save life or to kill’
    4. Jesus was grieved because of the hardness of their hearts
    5. The Pharisees plotted w/ Herodians to destroy Christ
    6. The sea
    7. Because there was a multitude of people there to see him
    8. I believe because it wasn’t time for him to be revealed at that moment
    9. The 12 disciples were: Simon (peter), James, John, Andrew, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Thomas, James (son of Alpheus), Thaddeus, Judas Iscariot and Simon the Caannite
    10. Jesus’s intention was for them to preach, heal sicknesses and cast out demons
    11. The multitude accuse Jesus of being out of his mind
    12. Jesus responded by saying how can satan cast out satan and a house divided cant stand
    13. Blasphemies against the holy spirit cannot be forgiven
    14. Jesus considered those whoever did the will of God his family


  2. Mark 4
    1. Jesus teaches the people parables of 3 different seeds
    2. A parable is a simple story to illustrate a lesson
    3. He taught them parables to know the mystery of the Kingdom of God
    4. The Sower is Christ; the seed is our faith in Christ; The stony ground was those who hear the word, but there’s no root so it’s easily faded away; the good ground is the ones who hear the word, accepts it and bear fruit and increase
    5. I see my self in relations to these parables at different parts of my journey of following Christ
    6. My interpretation was almost correct
    7. The other parables Jesus taught was the light under the basket, the growing seed and the mustard seed
    8. The mustard seed spoke to me
    9. Jesus breaks down things when he explains them to us so we can understand
    10. It helps us to be just like Christ and use our testimonies or teachings we’ve heard and received to explained to others
    11. The storm was a great wind that arose, water filling
    12. Jesus was sleep on a stern
    13. The disciples asked Jesus if he cared to see them perishing in the storm
    14. Jesus responds by asking them why were they fearful and where why they had no faith
    15. The response of the disciples was “who can this be, that even the wind and sea obey Him”

    Mark 5
    1. They came to a country named Gadarenes
    2. They met a man w/ an unclean spirit within him
    3. The man was bond by chains, crying out and cutting himself with stones
    4. The man ran up to Jesus and worshiped Him
    5. I believe the spirit within him knew who Jesus was; his presence was felt strongly
    6. Jesus wanted to know which spirit was tormenting this man; the spirit was named Legion; which was a great number of spirit in one
    7. Jesus casted the devils inside the swines; they ran violently into the sea and drowned
    8. The man was in his right mind
    9. Jesus told the man to go home and tell others what God had done for him
    10. They were afraid
    11. Jairus
    12. “if only I may touch His clothes, I shall be made well.’
    13. The lady knew that one touch from Christ would make her better
    14. Her blood dried up and she felt healed
    15. Jesus knew his power was released; he wanted to know who it was
    16. He told her “daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace and be healed of your affliction”
    17. Jesus knew she was not dead; he just wanted them to believe
    18. The girl was 12 years old.


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