Week 3 Summary and Q’s Part.2



If you have completed this weeks bible challenge:

  • Genesis: 16-27
  • Proverbs: 10-12
  • Psalms 2
  • Mark 2-3

then here are your statistics:

***You are***

  • 54% complete with Genesis
  • 1% complete with Psalms
  • 38% complete with Proverbs
  • and 18% with Mark

I look forward to seeing these numbers grow as we move further along in the word of God! 🙂

If you are looking for Pt. 1 Summaries and Questions CLICK HERE.

Or HERE for Proverbs.

Now without further ado, here is the Pt. 2- summaries and questions for Genesis 20-27!

Genesis 20

  • Abraham sojourns to Gerar. There he tells King Abimelech that Sarah is his sister. So the King takes her, but God spoke to him and told him that he would die for taking a man’s wife. Abimelech said that he had not touched her nor did he do anything wrong for they both (Abraham and Sarah) said that she was his sister. Abimelech pleading innocence. The Lord responding that he knows that he had good intentions and that he must return her for Abraham is a prophet and he will pray for him – you’ll live. However, if you do not return Sarah back to Abraham you will die as well as everything that is yours.
  • Abimelech approaches Abraham asking why he lied. Abraham responded that he didn’t that the King and his people feared the Lord and thought that they would kill him so they said she was his sister. Nevertheless, it wasn’t a lie. For Sarah was the daughter of Abrahams father but not the daughter of his mother. Hence, they both agreed that wherever they went they would say, “She is my sister” and “He is my brother”.
  • Abimelech then gave him sheep; oxen; man servants; woman servants; and Sarah. AND ONTOP OF THAT told him to dwell where he pleased! Look at the FAVOR OF GOD!!!
  • Sarah gives them a thousand pieces of silver. Abraham then prays to God and the Lord opens up all the wombs and they bare children.


  1. Why did Abraham lie about Sarah being is wife?
  2. How did he justify that story?
  3. What sin would the King have committed if he would have taken Sarah as his own?



Genesis 21


  • Sarah conceives and Isaac is born. Isaac is circumcised at 8 days old. The same time that Isaac was weened he is thrown a great feast. During the feast Ishmael is mocking, and Sarah sees. Sarah then wants Abraham to kick out Hagar and Ishmael. Abraham consults the Lord, and does so after God tells him it’s ok. Ishmael and Hagar are given bread and drink and go out to the desert. However, water runs dry in the desert and Hagar cries out to the Lord. God hears the cry and provides a well for them.
  • Ishmael grows and becomes a archer.
  • Abraham makes covenant with Abimelech at Beersheba.


  1. What was Sarah’s reaction to the birth of her son? V6-7
  2. Why do you believe that Sarah wanted Hagar and Ishmael out?
  3. What did God promise Ishmael? V.19
  4. What wilderness does Ishmael dwell in? v.21


Genesis 22

Chapter opens up by saying that God did tempt Abraham. God asks Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. So Abraham rose up early one morning, taking two of his men with him, his son, and his donkey, and they go to the place that God told them. Isaac asks where the lamb is to be sacrificed. As soon as Abraham gets ready to sacrifice his child, and Angel of the Lord speaks to Abraham. God prevents the human sacrifice, and a ram caught in a thicket by the horns is sacrificed instead. God reconfirms covenant – through Abraham’s seed all the nations of the earth shall be blessed. A list of the descendants of Nahor, Abraham’s brother.


  1. On which day did Abraham see the place which God told him to go? V.4
  2. What did Abraham tell the two men with him to do? V.5
  3. What was Abrahams response to his son asking where the sacrifice was? V.8
  4. Do you believe that Abraham truly knew that God would provide?
  5. What does the angel of the Lord say to Abraham? V12
  6. What did Abraham name the place? V14 and What does it mean? The Lord will see/provide
  7. Do you believe that there’s any significance between the sacrifice of Abraham’s son and the sacrifice of Christ?


Genesis 23

Sarah dies. Abraham speaks with the children of Heth in regards to a burying place to lay Sarah. He then purchases field (400 shekels of silver) of Ephron in Machpelah before Mamre to use the cave he offered as a burying place for Sarah. Sarah is buried.


  1. How old was Sarah when she died? 127
  2. How would you sum up, who Sarah was? Would you consider her a great woman of the bible? Why or why not?


Genesis 24

Abraham was well stricken in age. He doesn’t want Isaac to marry a Canaanite woman. So he sends a servant to find a wife for Isaac. She must be willing to follow him back to his homeland, because Abraham does not want Isaac to leave the land that God has promised to Abraham. The servant goes to Nahor in Mesopotamia with 10 camels. He prays to God that the Lord will make this an easy assignment. The servant sees Rebekah and gives her gifts. Rebekah’s brother, Laban, agrees to the marriage. Rebekah agrees to marry Isaac. Rebekah puts on a veil when she first sees Isaac. Isaac and Rebekah marry and he loved her.


  1. Where does Abraham tell his servant to go to find a wife? V.4
  2. What do you believe the significance of taking 10 camels on his trip?
  3. What else did the servant take on his trip? V.10
  4. What did the servant pray to the Lord by which he would know who Isaacs wife was? V12-14
  5. What did the damsel look like?
  6. What kind of gifts does the servant give Rebekah? V22
  7. What did the servant do in gladness to the Lord? V26
  8. What is the significance of Rebekah covering herself when she seen Isaac?



Genesis 25

  • Abraham marries AGAIN…. A woman named Keturah. And she bare him more children. But Abraham gave all that he had to Issaac, however to his other children he gave gifts. He also sent the other children that he had with concubines away from Isaac.  Abraham dies, and is buried next to Sarah.
  • The chapter goes on to list Ishmael’s descendants.
  • Isaac is 40 years old when he marries Rebekah.  Rebekah (Isaacs wife) is pregnant (WITH TWINS) and she is told by the Lord that two nations are contending within her, and that the older shall serve the younger. Isaac is now 60 years old when Rebekah gave birth to them (before she was barren). Both children struggled within her. Then Esau and Jacob are born. Esau came out red, like an hairy garment Jacob was born holding on to Esau’s heel. Esau is a hunter – a man of the field, Jacob is a plain man who dwells in tents. Esau is the favorite of Isaac, but Jacob is the favorite of Rebekah. Esau sells birthright to Jacob for something to eat for his was starving he said – almost to death.


I had to inquire about significance of a “birth right” for I didn’t quite understand what was so grand about it, that it would force someone to be so cunning to acquire. So here’s a little bit about birth rights.

Birth Right describes the special and sacred privilege that was given to the first born son in the Jewish tradition. He received great respect from the family, and was considered the priest of the household. As the family grew he also maintained his authority. He would receive a double portion of the father’s inheritance and received the blessing which put him closer to the Lord.

  1. Now that we know the importance of having a Birth Right, why do you believe that Jacob wanted the birthright from Esau?
  2. What do you think about Abraham being so old and marrying again after the death of Sarah?
  3. What problem did Isaac and Rebekah have that was quite similar to the problem that Abraham and Sarah had previously?
  4. Verse 26 says, ‘And after that came his brother out, and his hand took hold on Esau’s heel’. What is the significance?


Genesis 26

Famine – the Lord tells Isaac not to go to Egypt, but to remain in Gerar with Abimelech. Covenant reaffirmed to Isaac. Isaac pretends that Rebekah is his wife, and is confronted by Abimelech in fear that one of his men may have slept with her. Abimelech commands no man to touch Rebekah or else they be put to death. Isaac becomes mighty. Abimelech then tells him to leave for he sees that he is a mighty man.

So he then goes and pitches his tent in the valley of Gerar. He re-digs the wells of his father that the Philistines had filled in with Earth, and he renames them the names that he father named them in the beginning. His servants upon digging find a well of springing water. The men of Gerar begin to argue with Isaacs men, saying that the water was theirs Some squabbles about the ownership of wells. Lord appears to Isaac at Beer-sheba – Isaac builds an altar there. Abimelech, seeing that the Lord is with Isaac, reconciles himself with Isaac and creates an oath/covenant with him. They had a feast and departed in a feast.

Esau (at 40) marries two Hittite women.


  1. What was the covenant that God said to Isaac? V. 4-5
  2. What lie did Isaac tell about his wife that was similar to Abraham and Sarah? Why?
  3. What did Isaac call the names of the two wells that they argued over? V.20-21 and what do they mean?
  4. The last verse talks about the women being a “grief of mind unto Isaac and Rebekah” what do you believe that means? V35
  5. What’s the problem with parents having favorite children?


Genesis 27

Isaac is old and has dimmed eyes – he couldn’t see. He calls Esau and tell him to hunt (venision) and bring him food, that his soul may be blessed before he dies. HERE COMES Rebekah, telling Jacob that she overheard his father speaking to Esau. So she told Jacob to take two goats for food to give to Isaac in Esau’s stead. She cooks the savory meet for Isaac and then covers Jacob. Jacob deceives Isaac into blessing him and not Esau.


  1. What deception was Rebekah up to?
  2. What was Jacob’s initial response to his mothers request? V11-12
  3. How did Rebekah respond to Jacob? V13
  4. How did Rebekah cover Jacob? V15-16
  5. What was the blessing that Isaac gave to Jacob? V28-29
  6. Did Isaac figure out that he was tricked into giving the wrong child the blessing? How did he respond? V37, 39-40
  7. How did this make Esau feel about Jacob? V.41
  8. Do you believe that this had anything to do with Esau selling his birthright to Jacob?
  9. Why Did Rebekah tell Jacob to move to Haran with Laban? V.42

Next Weeks Bible Study:

  • Genesis: 28-40
  • Proverbs: 30
  • Psalms 3-4
  • Mark 4-5


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