A God who Allows suffering!?

I have been asked this question before, and most recently I stumbled upon a fellow bloggers post asking this very question. 

I immediately began to feel saddened by the question but the answer to it — lifted my spirits. It encouraged me -amazingly.
Prayerfully you stick around to my answer(s) to this very question. Maybe you may have additional questions or perhaps you may have more to add. 

All in all I am looking forward to hearing from you.

1. Sin

 When we take a look at the begining -Genesis we see how God created everything including the Earth; sky; man and woman etc. We also see that the Lord created a Garden and placed man in it. After Eves creation she dwelled in the garden as well.

At this point- everything was perfect. Adam had Eve and vise versa. They had everything they could every need and more. They worried not, nor wanted for food, clothing, shelter etc. 

**At this time there wasnt any sickness, illness, homelessness, lack or need**

This is they way God intended for man. He creayed everything and said that it was good

It wasnt until the fall of man that sin entered the earth. Subsequently the introduction of sin into the world affected everything else.

Roses didnt have thorns until sin occurred. 

Can sin cause sicknesses and illnesses and others?


But before you stone me for saying this. Lets take a look at scripture(s).

Mark 1:1-5
Take for instance the man was sick with Palsey had pressed unto the Lord and Jesus saw their faith and said to the man, “Son, they sins are forgiven thee.”


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