Week 2 Summary & Q’s pt.2


Congratulations on completing week 2! If you are still finishing up, no worries there’s still time! Without further ado, here are the summaries and questions for Genesis 5-15.

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Genesis 5

  • No need to summarize here. Chapter 5 is a list of descendants.


Genesis 6-7

  • God says that he will not always strive with man.
  • Mans wickedness was great upon the earth and every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.
  • The Lord repented that he made man
  • Noah found grace in the eyes of God
  • The Lord told Noah to make an ark, God said that he would establish a covenant with Noah
  • Noah took his wife, his sons and their wives, and the animals and boarded the Ark
  • The Lord shut them in
  • It rained 40 days and forty nights but the waters prevailed for 150 days
  • The waters went so high that they covered the mountains
  • Noah was 600 years old


Why do you think God said that he will not always strive with man?

In Chapter 6 verse 2, Who were the sons of God that saw the daughters of men?

Did all flesh die that was on the earth besides Noah and his family? V.21-22


Genesis 8

  • After 150 days the waters were abated (to reduce in amount or degree)
  • The ark rested in the 7th month on Mt. Ararat
  • Water decreased continually until the 10th month
  • Noah was 601 years 2 months and 27th day when the waters dried
  • Verse 5 describes the waters decreasing
  • The Lord tells Noah to get off the boat and take release the animals. The animals may breed abundantly in the earth
  • God smelled the offering that Noah raised to God, God said that he would not curse the ground anymore for mans sake


Do you believe that there is any significance to the Rave and Dove? We see the symbolic representation of a Dove back in Mark 1.

What Mount did the Ark rest upon?

What did the Lord say after receiving Noah’s offering? V. 22


Genesis 9

  • God establishes covenant with Noah. No more flood- The Lords bow in the cloud Hence: Rainbow
  • God populated the earth with Shem, Ham, Japheth –  Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth.
  • Noah gets drunk and naked Ham sees him but does not cover him. Instead, Sham and Japheth took a garment and covered Noah.


Do you believe that man still has dominion over the earth?

What was Gods’ covenant? What was the token?

Who did Noah curse? Why?


Genesis 10

  • The generations of Noah’s sons.
  • Nimrod introduced, Mighty one in the earth v.8-9


Genesis 11

  • The whole earth was 1 Language and 1 Speech
  • Began building the Tower of Babel
  • Intro to Abram and Sarai



After the Lord saw that the people were united and could possibly accomplish what they set out to do, what did he do?

What does the word Babel mean?


Genesis 12

  • God told Abram to leave his kindred and that he would make him a great nation. Abram was 75 years old when the Lord told him to leave Haran. He listened and left to Canaan with Sarai and Lot. Skipping ahead a lit bit and Sarai is taken into to Pharaohs house because Abram said that she was his sister and not his wife. Thus, Abram was treated well however, Pharaoh was plagued by God because of Sarai. He confronted Abram and kicked them out.

Note: We see that lying did more damage than telling the truth



God told Abram to leave family (familiarity) and that he would show him where to reside. Do you trust God enough to abandon everything and everyone that you know and love and starting walking without knowing a destination – merely trusting God to tell you when to stop?

Sarai was described as a fair woman, what does fair mean?


Genesis 13

  • Abram, Sarai and Lot left Egypt and went south. Abram was rich in cattle, silver and gold. Between Lot and Abram they had so much that they couldn’t fit in the land. Abram asked Lot to pick a side and depart from him. Lot seen all the land in the plain of Jordan and how it was well watered – he chose it and traveled west toward Sodom.
  • God tells Abram that all the land that he could see Northward; Southward; Eastward; and Westward he would give him and to his seed forever. God also said that he would make Abrams seed as many as the dust of the earth.

Notice: Everywhere that Abram went he pitched his tent and made an alter unto the Lord.



Did this event occure BEFORE or AFTER Sodom and Gomorrah?

What were the men of Sodom like?

We know that Sarai was barren nevertheless, the Lord promised Abram that he would make his seed as the dust of the earth. Would you have believed the Lords’ promise? Would you have complete trust, why or why not?


Genesis 14

  • War Breaks out, the Kings of Sodom and  Gomorrah fled and fell in a slime-pit. Henceforth, Lot and his goods were captured. Abram heard that Lot had been captured and for this reason he armed 318 of his servants, went by night and “smote them”,  bringing back all the goods; Lot and his goods; the women; and the people.
  •  In verse 18 King Melchizedek is introduced as the King of Salem and the High Priest of the Most High God.  King Melchizedek blesses Abram and gives him, “tithes of all”. (v.20)
  • The King of Sodom comes to Abram and says that Abram can keep all the goods, but to give back the people. He responds by saying that he wouldn’t take anything unless he’s willing to give however, allow the young men and the portion that went with him to have their portion.
  • Note: We see that great wealth that Abram has. Also Melchizedek was both King and Priest which was forbidden in that time. However, mysteriously enough no one know where King Melchizedek came from, how he became King, we just know he was the King of salem – Jerusalem. His name also means, King of Righteousness… Which makes me ponder? 



Genesis 15

  • Abram has a vision where he speaks with the Lord and asks about a child. The Lord tells Abram to look towards the sky, seeing the stars and as many as he could number, so shall his seed be.
  • Verse 6 states, And he believed the Lord.
  • Abram then has a second vision/deep sleep. He was told in the dream that his seed would be a stranger in a land that wasn’t theirs, and they shall serve them, and will be afflicted for 400 years. However, they will come out with great substance.
  • The Lord makes another covenant with Abram.



Verse 1 says the Lord came to Abram. How does the Lord come to us?

Do you believe that it is OK to come to the Lord with your doubts about something that he has promised you?





2 thoughts on “Week 2 Summary & Q’s pt.2

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  2. Gene 6-7
    1. I believe God said He will not always strive with man was because of all the wickedness and fleshy desires that were happening at the time.
    2. Enoch descendants?—> please correct me if I am wrong
    3. Yes! ALL flesh died when God brought the flood on the earth except Noah and his family.

    Gene. 8
    1. googling this mean of Dove, it says it represents peace.
    2. the mountains of Ararat
    3. He will never curse the ground for man’s sake

    Gene. 9
    1. yes.
    2. to never cut off all flesh by the waters of the flood; the token was the sign of the rainbow
    3. his youngest son Ham, because he didn’t cover him or care to cover him up in his nakedness but ran and told his other brothers instead

    Gene. 11

    1. He confused their language and scattered them all over the earth
    2. a confusion language/noise

    Gene. 12
    1. I think right now in my life and I am getting to that point of TRUSTING GOD enough to direct me; if it means to leave the familiar I will because I feel I don’ have anything really to lose on this earth..except my faith, but THAT AINT GOING TO HAPPEN
    2. a fair woman i believe means pure, quiet, and calm

    Gene 13
    1. before
    2. exceedingly wicked and sinful against God
    3. this question goes to my answer from Gene. 12 (Q.#1); if you think about how far you are in life now and then think about the goodness of God’s grace for keeping you from all things that could of been worse, i would trust God and His promise. It’s all about His timing and NOT our.s

    1.He can come to us in our dreams, through people, in prayer and His word.
    2. I believe so. It’s just like you being honest to your earthly parents about how you may feel about a certain situation.
    You want to be honest and open so he can give you an answer that’s peaceful and at ease for you.

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