Stay in Position

Constantly place your self in a position of PRAYER!

There is a reason why the scripture tells us to pray without ceasing. (1 Thessalonians 5:17)

Many times we feel overcome with emotion – frustration, irritability, sadness, loss of joy, peace etc. At the same lacking prayer. 

*****Could it be that there’s a correlation between the out of control spiral of emotion and time spent talking with God???


If you believe that you are lacking CONSISTENT  joy; peace; love; patience or that nomatter what’s going on you STILL feel like somethings missing – there is.. 

And that something is the constant supplication with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

He IS Joy, peace, patience, LOVE etc… He is EVERYTHING that you need!  

Being in the position of prayer puts you in position to receive everything that you’re lacking. Puts you in the position to be refueled, refilled,  and reloaded. However, if you never change your posture to one that says I submit myself and my will for yours…

If your posture is always one that says, I GOT THIS… then you’re right… you’ll continue to have everything that you’re tired of having…

*****But may I say that you dont have to keep those things in your possession? You can hand them to the Lord and trade your sorrow for JOY, worrying for PEACE, hatred for LOVE and any and everything else that you are fed up with and has become too heavy to carry  ….

Please dont believe that lie, that says prayer is unnecessary or the Lord wont hear you! He is waiting for you to talk to him and give him everything!!! 

I pray you are blessed! 

In the matchless and wonderful name of Jesus Christ!


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