Gone So Long


I know I know I know…… I took a hiatus a while ago – came back. Then, left again. As someone of you may know, my father became ill; to the point where I thought I was going to loose him.

but, GOD!

The Lord is sovereign, merciful, and mighty. I thank the Lord for sparing the life of my father and allowing him to be in our midst another day. In the gist of learning how to talk, and walk again, each day he is getting better and progressing more and more. I know it is NOTHING BUT THE LORD GOD!

The situation is a reminder to not take for granted the smallest things like the ability to talk, think, freely communicate with others, the ability to get up an go at will – without the help of anyone else –  and that as cliche as it may sound it’s true – tomorrow is not promised and that we must appreciate and take advantage of our today.

Since then I’ve had really hard days, and really happy days. It was hard looking in my phone and – without thinking – almost pressing my fathers icon to call him. Knowing that even if he had his phone, and could answer, our conversation wouldn’t be like weeks prior. I’ve had days where I had to remind myself that the Lord knows everything and that everything is made to strengthen and build character.lightpinkdots

With all that being said – I wasn’t in any position to write. All of my focus was on strengthening my faith, focusing on God and my family. I appreciate all who kept my family in their prayers, all who had kind words and encouraging testimonies, and those who called/texted to check up on me and my father.




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