Thyself Approved

A lot of people enjoy text alerts that include the scripture of the day. Some, even enjoy daily devotionals. But that’s it.

Are we going deeper than a verse or two a day? Are we breaking down scriptures to know the Who, what, when, where, how and why’s?

It’s very important that we study the word of God for ourselves. Many times too often we learn scriptures based off of tradition and lack accuracy and correct understanding of the scripture because we fail to do our own research.

Study means:

  • to think deeply, reflect, or consider.
  • to examine or investigate carefully and in detail:
  • to read carefully or intently
  • a personal effort to gain knowledge

At the end of the day, what is our intention/desires for studying the word of God? Is it not to gain knowledge regarding the Lord we serve, and the plans and promises that he has for us? In order to understand who we are and the God we serve we will have to think deeply on the word of God, reflect on it, investigate it in detail and carefully.

Your intent may just be to read, you may not want to go deeper than that. You may have come to the conclusion that I am just too radical and the need to study the word of God is merely, busy work.

However, for those of us that wish to gain wisdom, knowledge and understanding of God, I encourage you to study Gods word, not to justify yourself unto men, but unto God.


Be encouraged. God Bless.


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