Check Yo’Self!!!

That’s right! I said it!

Check Yo’Self.

It’s very important that we stay humble before the Lord. Sometimes we can get to a position where we become complacent, or satisfied with the growth that we’ve made in God that we don’t strive for greater. We may get to a point where we feel like we’ve done enough, or what we are currently doing is good enough..


I already know what some of you are going to say, But we’re not perfect. And I agree that we are not perfect, but in Christ we may walk in perfect, in holiness. It’s is in the spirit that we must walk, that we do not fulfill the lust of the flesh.

Scripture tells us that those who worship God must worship Him IN Spirit and in truth.

We can not walk in the spirit if we are full of pride. I’m sorry (not sorry) but Pride/Vanity/Self Righteousness is NOT a fruit of the spirit.

So it is crucial that we must self evaluate regularly and examining ourselves to make sure that the position of our heart stays humble before God.




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