Keep it to yourself!?!

Have you ever received AWESOMELY GREAT and EXCITING NEWS!?

You were so happy to share it, and when you finally told someone they were so dry, disinterested and unenthusiastic that you thought, why did I even telllll you!?!?

Unfortunately you can’t share YOUR good news with everyone, some things are just better left to yourself or with ones that you KNOW will have you back and be genuinely happy for you.

However, when it comes to the GOOD NEWS OF JESUS CHRIST, that – you can ALWAYS share with others.

Don’t allow peoples reactions to the Gospel of Jesus Christ deter you from sharing. Just because the person doesn’t seem excited, or receptive to the word of God, you never know what is going on the inside of them.

Don’t be discouraged. But encouraged.

There are souls that are NEED Jesus. There are souls that are SEEKING Jesus.

You may be the only JESUS they see! Introduce them to the Savior. Excited or NOT!



How do you overcome the reactions of others? Has it deterred you, or inspired you? Any advice for believers?


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