Surface level?

I don’t want to LOVE only when someone loves me back. Or when everything is going well and everything’s roses and lilies. 

BUT, I want to love when it’s most difficult. When it hurts, when it’s uncomfortable, when it’s the least expected. 


I want to surprise others with Love. 

It’s not from my own strength but I know that it would be the Love of the Lord within me, that would allow me to do such a big task. 

And I don’t want it to be a chore, but an HONOR.

I know that I would  be “dying” to my fleshy desires and doing the will of my Father! 

And I all want to do is please God with my obedience.  

For God said, If you  LOVE Me, you’ll keep my commandments!

I challenge you my brothers/sisters in the Lord: LOVE BEYOND THE SURFACE!


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