Give Up Already

Tired. Frustrated. Anxious. HOT (LITERALLY it’s summer time). Confused. Upset. Helpless. Misunderstood.Broken..

All these words pretty much sum up how I feel at any given moment.

But still I press.

Fighting back tears because life seems so hard however, I know that there’s millions who’s day to day life consists of not knowing where their next meal will come from or not knowing where they will lay their head at night. So my feeble issues of parenting and house keeping seem so microscopic.

So how do I successfully manage emotions that seem to drown me sometimes?  How do I manage feeling crushed under the foot of 100 ton feelings. I don’t want to suppress the, hide them, or pretend they are not there when around others… but totally get rid of them.

Tired of feeling bound by chains of helplessness, inferiority, and disappointment.

The awesome part of my Journey in Christ is that my Journey is not in anything else but CHRIST. Knowing this, I don’t know have to become dependent upon doctors medical prescriptions or diagnosis of some chemical imbalance that they will so gladly suggest to me and push to do so.

But I believe in a God who is Healing, Deliverance, Victory, Confidence, Self Esteem, and Strength.

And as much I say I believe, Faith is not only a word, but it is an ACTION word.

 Faith WITHOUT works is DEAD (James 2:20).

Daily I should be putting my faith to work. Not just depending the fact that I know God. But truly believing that HE IS who HE says He IS

Knowing that God is a healer, and refusing to walk in healing shows the opposite. 

Believing that God is a comforter, and refusing to be comforted shows that I really don’t believe that HE will comfort me. 

I look at scriptures daily, but meditating on them day and night is what’s needed.

Trusting and believing with ALL my heart and NOT leaning to my own explanations and reasons behind whatever circumstance or situation that I face.

Truly leaning and dependence on God is a necessity. A MUST

Staying in constant prayer and supplication with God is priority and cannot be REPLACED with other things like; TV, social media, hobbies etc. If things are becoming harder and harder to fight, and it’s seeming like I’m becoming overwhelmed then a fast is essential to the strengthening and upkeep of my spiritual man. 

While in the midst of dealing with emotions, I found that writing this made me a feel a little better, but I know that time with the Lord is imperitive.

So I encourage anyone who is reading this, that may be going through the same or anything similar to make time for God. Pray without ceasing, sing praises, worship in times of hardship in able to over come them. For I truly believe that every knee (spiritual and natural) must bow at the very name of our Lord God, Jesus Christ.  

If for any reason you are still feeling burdened or heavy, Fast (specifications given by God).

I guarantee that chains will be broken, and you will come out victorious.

In Jesus name BE FREE!


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