Forsaking Friendships?

1 Corinthians 15:33

Evil communication corrupts Good Manners….

Define Evil, Communication and Manners:

Evil: Morally wrong, bad, immoral, harmful, injurious, bad conduct or character. Marked by anger or irritability.

Communication: the imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, news, views, or information.

Manners: a way of living, habits of a people, behavior, a persons way of speaking to and treating others. Characteristics. Nature/Character.

Solely using the scripture above and the definitions to accompany it, I could give a pretty good argument on why it is necessary to leave some FRIENDSHIPS as simply associates,  merely those whom you speak to in passing, maybe to witness to here and there. However, some people that we are hanging on to, are like dead weights and they are only causing us to sink deeper and deeper into dark waters.

Nonetheless, the furthest thing I wish to do would be to argue. However I’ve noticed that the more I keep people around me, or the more I go around people who are consistently negative, the more negative I become. The more I submerge myself in long telephone conversations about things that are MARKED BY ANGER, the more ANGRY I become…

The manners and communication that I surround myself with begin to become me. This can happen subtly or immediately….. but all in all, it does happen.

Now, before I go any further, let me just say this…..  this post may not be for everyone because everyone is not at the same place in their walk with Christ and may feel as though this doesn’t apply to them. However for those of Us who have lost friendships because of differences in regards to thoughts, opinions, views, ways of living, habits, the way we speak, how we treat others, and just plain ole characteristic differences…. Here’s more than likely the reason why…..

 Can two walk together, except they be agreed?

    -Amos 3:3

I don’t believe that ANYTHING is a coincidence. I don’t believe that once I gave my life to Christ and became serious about living for the Lord, that friends just Coincidentally start speaking bad of me, not wanting to be around me, deleting me as a friend on Facebook and so on. NO!

There had been a change in agreement.

Our agreement was no longer into doing the same thing on Saturday and Sunday Nights. We were no longer agreeing on who to talk about and or what would hold the majority of our conversations. We didn’t AGREE on what clothes looked good on us, or what music we played in the car, which men (when I wasn’t married) were attractive.Time that we loved spending together now became AWKWARD to the maximum. Moments where we were used to stepping over each other in words we had so much to talk about became moments of severe silence.

All of the things that  joined us together so tightly as friends were the same things that tore us apart.

And I’ve tried to hold on to these relationships as long as I could. I mean, if one could imagine the friendship as the edge of a cliff and me hanging on for dear life, that’s what it would look like if it were an picture. But, some of them couldn’t be savored because of differences and the failure to agree. And some of them HURT, there were plenty of nights I cried because A part of me wanted the relationship to go back to the way that they once were.. but they couldn’t unless I Changed or they did. and neither was looking promising.

Some people would say that I am wrong because I have let go of friendships that I valued dearly. Some would say that I was selfish, and shady for what they saw as throwing away a perfectly good friendship because of microscopic, irrelevant  differences. However, what some people see as small (like no love for Christ Jesus, constantly speaking negative, treating people poorly/mean etc ), I see as immensely enormous!!!

It’s possible to LOVE thy neighbor without befriending EVERYONE, because everyone isn’t meant to befriend, but everyone is meant to be loved. 

Prayerfully this makes sense to those in which it was intended for.

Look for a part.2

Be a blessing.


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