What to Wear….

A lot of people tend to say that,  “it isn’t that deep!” or “Yeah, you’re doing too much..” when it comes to making certain decisions as one grows in Christ. I can admit saying some of the same things BEFORE I truly surrendered to Christ and made up my mind to completely live for God.

As my Journey with Christ continued, one of the decisions that I began to feel convicted about was what I wore. It started off with how will I dress at Church, and then it began to carry out into my everyday outfits. Now I don’t consider myself to be materialistic, I’m not really into name brands, nor do I keep up with trends. So, the unction to dress definitely was not inspired by what is/was popular or the latest fashion craze or fad. I honestly, wanted to change how I look to not even please myself, but to please God.

I remember years ago when I desired to wear clothes that were tight fitting in certain areas, but my desires were changing. I no longer desired to wear clothing that showed my cleavage, or clothes so tight that I could barely move. However, I still wanted to look nice, modest, and comfortable, but without the desire to attract certain attention.

So, the question became...How do I dress modestly without looking years beyond my age? How do I dress “fashionably” without wearing attire that was too tight, too small, or too short looking? What is modesty to ME?

Modesty to me is wearing clothing that is not sexually revealing. My chest is covered and so are my thighs. How about I show some pictures to describe my idea(s).

I began to browse the internet in search for inspiration. And here’s what I found:

(Please keep in mind that this is only inspiration, as well as I know that some may not agree with some of the choices that I’m considering. That’s ok. Everyone’s walk is different)

I could surely go on and on with examples/inspiration but I will let this be all for now. Hopefully, you’ve got the idea.

Like I stated earlier, for some of you, this may be too much and this doesn’t pertain or interest you, but for someone who is feeling like im feeling, I pray that this inspires you as well. If so, please comment and share any thoughts or ideas that you may have. If not, please comment and share (respectfully) as well.


Be blessed.


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