Suddenly. I began to despise window shopping. I would only shop when I knew exactly what I was going to buy, I would purchase exactly what I wanted and go on about my day. The thought of looking at things that I couldn’t afford was sickening. Depressing. I would immediately become saddened. So, I just wouldn’t look.

I wasn’t always like that. When I was younger I would enjoy browsing the Internet looking for million dollar homes for my “ideal family”. I would day dream about how I would decorate each room, the birthday parties or family barbecues that I would host and the tons of family that I would entertain on holidays. This type of stuff brought me joy. I would get excited. But as I explained in my last post, I believe that the mounds of mistakes built up and I no longer desired dreaming. For it would never become my reality. I wasn’t confident in myself enough to go after those goals, and I knew that God could do ANYTHING, but why would do those type of things for me?

Today, I got my fire back. I began to day dream again about material things ( I’ve spent many days dreaming about eternal things like heaven, paradise… my new incorruptible body, reigning with Christ etc). Today I began to think about having the best on this earth. Not what people define as the best, but what I would enjoy and it brought me joy, just to use my imagination. I became content with the possibility of God providing and being content if I never obtain anything that appeared in my dreams. However, I have peace in allowing myself to imagine. GOD gave us an imagination for a purpose right? Why not use it.

I’m not limiting God for the blessings of providing a way to pay bills and food on the table, but I am in great expectation for God to do wonderful things beyond houses and cars.


I day dream about the day my mother is delivered and walks into her purpose.  The day she is baptized and filled with the Gift of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues. The day that my sisters realize the greatness that God has placed inside of them. The day family members relationships are restored. The day friends call with the testimony of being healed from diseases ansicknesses..


I am in great expectation and boy does it feel good to dream again….


I encourage you to dream. You may be surprised at what God allows to manifest in the natural.


God bless!


13 thoughts on “DREAM AGAIN..

  1. This is wonderful! I think it is very common for us girls to want fancy things -i too had my fair share of those moments. HAHA Regardless, it’s even a great blessing that the Lord has given us new hearts as to how we should look at material and temporal things in the world right now. Like you, I share the same burden of loved ones who haven’t yet dedicated their lives to the Lord but I believe in fervent praying and I know the Lord delivers so I can rest on that promise. 🙂

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    • Yes! Amen! Fervent praying!!! I am already seeing the results of God working in some of their lives and they don’t even know it’s Him. But I do and I praise God for his grace, mercy and Love!!!

      Thank you for reading, and sharing. You are appreciated! Blessings to you as well! 🙂

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