The Ultimate Struggle

The world defines me as this, and the Church word says that I am something else. Which one do I believe? I’ve conformed to the world’s definition of me for so long that it has become second nature. It has been embedded on my mind for years. But now that I have given my life to Christ. I have been baptized in the name of Jesus. Old things have passed away and ALL THINGS have become new. So why do I still struggle with my identity?

I realize that emotions are not to be leaned on. One should NOT allow their emotions to dictate decisions because emotions are not always TRUE. EVER heard the saying, “I’ve made an emotional decision “?

This is because the emotion clouded rightful judgment thus, making a decision that one would have probably not have made if they had not been made, upset, sad, etc.

I say all of this because a lot of times when I’ve become confused on who I am, it’s because I’ve become so emotional that I’ve allowed the emotion to cloud my judgement, and question WHOSE I am.

WHAT does God say:






As we see, there are several scriptures that show us who we are in Christ;
*A chosen generation
* A Royal Priest hood
* A Holy Nation
*His Workmanship
*Of God
*A Friend of God
*A new CREATURE in Christ
And there are several more. So every day I shall be reminding myself who am through the Word of God.  This gives no room for the lies of the enemy to creep in and try to define who’s I am.

Many time people or memories try to remind you of who you used to be before giving your life to Christ, and that’s ok. However, you don’t have accept it because Scripture says otherwise.

I rejoice in God because he is the God of second chances! He didn’t allow me to be the me I created, but he loved me first and showed me through his love the me he created me to be. And he continues to reveal more and more. I am grateful for his mercy and his grace.

God is good!


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