One of the hardest things to do is forgive those who have hurt us! 

And one thing harder than that, would  be to forgive ourselves.

It seems as though as hard as it is to forgive others it’s harder to exonerate ourselves from mistakes that we have made in the past.

I know the common sayings, we’re our worst critics,  and, we’re so hard on ourselves, and I agree with them. The struggles that I’ve had in the past haven’t been with others but with myself. Constant criticising and condemning myself.

For we know the word says, that Christ died for our sins, that when we repent he throws our sins in to the sea of forgetfulness, he forgives us and remembers no longer. So why do we, after we have come to God with a repented heart, do we continuously condemn ourselves?

I admit that this was a constant battle for myself. Before I came to Christ, before I was baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost,  I did somethings that I felt were unforgivable.  I knew that God would forgive me, because his word says so, but I couldn’t forgive myself even after I was IN CHRIST.

I didn’t know how. I would constantly blame myself, or down talk myself which resulted in low self esteem. I didn’t understand how I could do things that I once said that I would never do.

I spent many nights crying myself to sleep. Praying for peace in my heart. Praying for restoration but soon as the topic would come up, I went right back to condemning myself.

Well if this is you as well. If you feel  like I’m speaking to you. Then I have news for you. 

Even before we look at scriptures regarding forgiveness what does the word says about who we are in Christ:


Wow! IF we are IN Christ, the we’ve become a new CREATURE! The OLD things are dead and gone and ALL things have became new!

So those things that we have done are – no more!  God is showing us that God has delivered us from our past! Unforgiveness is BONDAGE! REGARDLESS if we are not forgiving someone else or if that someone else is ourselves.

**He (God) has set us free and WE are the ones that go back to BANDAGE.

Let’s look at what the word of God says regarding forgiveness:




We are Redeemed:


In Jeremiah God says that he will forgive our iniquities and remember our sins NO MORE.

Romans says that there’s no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus.

These are just a few of the scriptures, I could list several more.

However, it is important to KNOW, TRUST AND BELIEVE who we are in Christ! If we KNOW that we are his Children, we are Heirs, his friends etc than we have to as well believe what he says when it comes to forgiveness.

How do we receive forgiveness from God?

What is repentance?


Don’t believe lies that say it is unnecessary to repent for scripture also tells us this:


We can not come to come in prayer ask for forgiveness from our sins and then back to the sin in which we just asked for forgiveness for. This is NOT repentance.  True repentance is when we have made up our mind that we are done with the sin, turning away from it and are now asking God to forgive us.

Though some things are hard to quit the bible also says that God’s strength is made perfect in us when we are weak and that HE is able to keep us from falling. So don’t depend on your own strength but God’s, just have a made up mind, give it to Christ and he will take care of the rest.

Remember to stay strengthened by continuously reading the word of God, praying always, and by worshipping and praising God. BELIEVE ME it works. Staying in the presence of God will ward off the things that try to attach itself to you, like pride, insecurity, condemnation, guilt, shame, complaining etc.

Also the more you walk in the spirit, the more the things unlike God will begin to exist no more in you, and the less likely you are to fulfill those things that are sin

But it’s your choice, your free will.

What will you believe? The word of GOD, or the enemy who’s constantly accusing the brethren daily.

I choose the word of God!

I pray you will too.

Be blessed.


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