Living Proof

Every day we go about our day maybe or maybe not realizing that we are being watched.

Imagine you are walking in to a store. Be a grocery, apparel or hardware store. Believe it or not but someone has taken notice to you. They have made a mental note of your clothing, your demeanor,  if you spoke when you walked by. Did you open the door, did you smile?

And unbeknownst to you, you continue shopping without a clue.

Now imagine you gather the item(s) you are going to purchase and you make your way to the check out line. And to your surprise there are about 7 customers waiting to be checked out and there aren’t any other registers open.

How do you respond? Do you sigh, immediately catch an attitude? Right where you are, do you throw all the items down out frustration and walk out the store, mumbling obscenities under your breath? Do you immediately smile and remember your working on temperance,patience and humility so you attribute this unfortunate circumstance as a test, that will soon strengthen your character? Or do you do none of the above?  You just stand in line and wait your turn.

When you finally reach the register, neither you or the cashier speak. She/he hurrily rings up your few items, tosses them in the bag and finishes the transaction, hands you your receipt and you walk off.

You leave the store and go on about your day.

Aside from which response you would have chosen, you were being watched.

Someone noticed how you dropped your items directly where you stood, and stormed off cursing under your breath.  Regardless if they could relate to your actions or not, the difference between you and a lot of people would be one thing.

Your relationship with Christ.

What was said through non verbal clues to those around you regarding your relationship with Christ?


Our life says more about who we are than a verbal explanation ever could. And although assumptions made could be false it’s important that we take in to consideration the way we communicate with others regardless if they are fellow believers or not.

We may be the only “Jesus” they see.

You never know. Your smile or hello to the person you walked passed could have been what they needed to press just a little while longer.

Your encouragement to the cashier seeing that she’s the only one working the register in a busy store on a Saturday could have empowered her and reassured her that she IS needed! and a thank you could have validated that.

I’m in no way telling you how you must handle daily situations and if you do or don’t do this or that your you’re this or that.


All I’m saying is we (followers of Christ) are to do  all things  in love and do those things which bring our Father glory.

And we should try our best to remember them with our actions, with our responses. In our conversations.  For we are the living proof of the live of  Christ, and the best proof that we can give, is the proof of our life by the way we live.

I will continuously remind myself that I represent Christ, I desire to love like Christ. Therefore I must show the Love of Christ to everyone I come across. This Love if not an ACT but an attribute of Christ.  I pray daily that the Lord Creates in me a clean heart,  renew my mind, and show me how to love like Him. This is what I strive for.


Have any questions or comments? Any additional topics you would like for me to discuss? Please let me know!


One thought on “Living Proof

  1. This is a powerful message. Beong conscious thay we are the display of CHRIST everyday. Thank you for releasing what God has been stirring up in you!

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