I’m Just a Follower

I thought of the title, I’m just a Follower some years ago when I first began walking with Christ. I imagined that it perfectly defined my journey. I was (and still am) hungry for the word of God, for his heart, for his revelation and everything that he has for me. My thirst for him was beyond Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. I wanted MORE of Christ, and I didn’t care what it would look like, who I would become, the friends that I would loose, or what I would eventually sound like to many.

All I knew is I wanted to follow Jesus.

I began blogging but that was short lived, my blogging, not my fire for God. I still began to seek his face, and his promises, along with the purpose for my life. However, somewhere in the mix I began to feel discouraged. I didn’t think that my words were of any importance. I didn’t believe that I would be effective. My goal isn’t to become “internet famous” but to encourage others, exalt Christ, and lead SOULS to the Cross of Jesus.

Along the years there have been many discussions with believers and non believers about plenty of topics that are so critical and sometimes unspoken. Why not speak about them here? Mind you, I am not using this platform as an outlet to bring tension, discourse, drama or any of the likes to the “Church”. So, although all comments are welcome, please be respectful and mindful that the goal is to uplift, edify , educate, and enrich all in love and not with hate, gripe, hostility against any type of person regardless of race, religion, gender etc.

I remember feeling alone, as if I were the only one with questions or certain emotions. But feeling alone is a trick of the enemy and not of God. For Christ will never leave us nor forsake us. (Hebrews 13:5). So remember you can ALWAYS come to God in prayer. Talk to him, and when your done, don’t forget to LISTEN for his voice, for his does talk back.

Also,there are a great number of believers at different stages of their walk who can relate to each other, we just need to come together and commune.

Once again, I thank you for joining me, and taking out time to read. Please feel free to comment, or to contact me.

Be blessed.



5 thoughts on “I’m Just a Follower

  1. I understand your feeling of wanting your words to be read and wanting interaction from the people who are supposedly following you, reading your posts.
    In the end we just have to submit our blogs into His hands and trust him to bring our posts to the attention of those to whom he wants to minister.

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